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Updates & Notices

This blog and some info within is out of date, with the occasional exception of the Chameleon Pigment Suppliers list, but it stands as is for reference. The date of any updates are noted at the top of each page/entry.

Duochrome Combinations

ALL of these color combinations use ONLY TKB Trading's Travel To pigments- or a duplicate sold by another company.

In TKB Trading's Travel To series are the following seven pigments. I urge you to click on the names to go to their website and view individual descriptions.
Planetary Sampler
1. Travel to Mercury
2. Travel to Mars
3. Travel to Earth
4. Travel to Venus
5. Travel to Neptune
6. Travel to Jupiter
7. Travel to Pluto

It is possible to make new colors from the existing color shifting Travel to pigments (or polishes) by mixing them together or with store bought polish. There's no real trick to it but the possible combinations are so vast that it can be difficult to decide where to start so I've done some mixing for you. You can see some of these in my entry Swatches: Updated Travel tos & Mixes.

The chart below shows all the possible combinations and the resulting color shift. Color descriptions are approximations. A summarized version can be found here: The Lust for Duochromes.

Because just looking at it can be confusing, here's a brief explanation how to "read" it. We'll take these entries on the list:

Name + Name, Ratio 1st Color2nd Color3rd Color
Mercury + Pluto 3:1PinkRedOrange
Mars + Venus 1:1PinkOrangeLt. Orange

Both are planet combos, one Travel to mixed with another.
- A ratio of 1:1 means one drop of a color mixed with one drop of another. For example, one drop of Mars with one drop of Venus. 1:1 ratios are listed in green.
- A ratio of 3:1 means three drops of one color mixed with 1 drop of a second. For example, 3 drops of Mercury with one drop of Pluto. The first planet listed is always the "3", the second planet is the "1" in the 3:1 ratios. 3:1 ratios are listed in purple.
- Color shifts are listed as first, second and third color (and separated that way in columns) to make them easier to compare to other combinations.
- For store bought polish combos, listed in red, the amount used is not stated because I believe it is a matter of preference how intense you want your color to be.
- Blue text is Planet color change alone.

Duochrome Combinations using Travel To's or Polish
Name + Name, Ratio 1st Color2nd Color3rd Color
Mars + Pluto 3:1
Mars + Neptune 3:1
Mercury + Pluto 3:1PinkRedOrange
Mars + Venus 1:1PinkOrangeLt. Orange
Mercury + Neptune 3:1PinkPeachRed Orange
Venus + Mars 3:1PinkPeachLt. Yellow Green
Venus + Sally Hansen Purple Potion (violet)Rose  pinkish purple
Venus + Mercury 1:1Dk. PinkOrangeYellow Orange
Mercury + Venus 3:1Dk. PinkRedOrange
Venus + Mercury 3:1Pink RedRed Green Yellow
Mars + Venus 3:1Pinkish RedOrange
Pluto + Mercury 1:1Pink OrangeRedOrange
Mars + Sally Hansen Purple Potion (violet)Red  pinkish purple
Mars + Mercury 3:1RedDk. Orange
Mercury + Mars 3:1RedRed OrangeYellow Orange
MarsRedOrangeYellow Orange
Venus + Sally Hansen Flirt (purplish-maroon)RedOrange  pink
Venus + Sally Hansen Crushed (reddish orange)Light orange  rose
Mars + Earth 3:1Lt. CopperOrange
Mercury + Earth 3:1Pale OrangeOrangeYellow
Venus + Jupiter   3:1PeachOrangeGreen Yellow
Venus + Sally Hansen Hot Magenta (hot pink)Peachish  magenta
Mercury + Sinful Colors Lets Talk (purple)orange  pink
Pluto + L.A. Colors Wavelength (golden yellow)Orange  green
Jupiter + Mercury 1:1
Mercury + Jupiter 1:1
OrangeOrange GreenBlue Green
Mercury + Jupiter 3:1Dk. OrangeLt. OrangeYellow Orange
Mars + Mercury 1:1Dk. OrangeOrangeYellow Orange
MercuryDk. OrangeYellow OrangeYellow Green
Venus + Earth 3:1Silver BrownSilver YellowPale Yellow
Mercury + Neptune 1:1BrownishOrange
Mercury + Earth 1:1Yellow OrangeOrangeDk. Orange
Jupiter + Mars 1:1Dirty YellowGreenishGreen
Earth + Mars 1:1Yellow GreenLt. OrangeDk. Orange
Jupiter + Earth 3:1Yellow GreenBlue GreenLt. Blue
Jupiter + Mercury 3:1Olv Green OrangeOlive GreenGreen Blue
Pluto + Mercury 3:1Green OrangeBlue PurplePink
Venus + Jupiter   1:1Silver GreenGreen BlueBlue Green
Jupiter + Pluto 3:1Silver GreenSilver BlueLt. Purple Blue
Pluto          Silver GreenPurplePink
Pluto + Mars 3:1Silver GreenPurple PinkPink
Jupiter + Venus 3:1
Jupiter + Mars 3:1
Pale GreenBlue GreenAqua
JupiterPale GreenBlue GreenBlue
Pluto + Jupiter 1:1Pale GreenSilver PurplePink
Pluto + Earth 1:1Lt. GreenPinkDk. Pink
Earth + Pluto 3:1Lt. GreenYellow GreenRed
Pluto + Jupiter 3:1Lt. GreenLt. Blue GreenPink
Jupiter + Neptune 3:1Lt. GreenAquaMed. Blue
Pluto + Venus 3:1
Pluto + Earth 3:1
Lt. GreenLt. PurplePink
Earth + Sally Hansen Ivy League (yellow green)
or L.A. Colors Wavelength (golden yellow)
Lime  orange
Earth + Mars 3:1
Earth + Mercury 3:1
Lime GreenYellow GreenOrange
Earth + Jupiter 3:1Bright GreenPale GreenPale Orange Pink
Pluto + Neptune 3:1GreenBlue PurplePink
Pluto + Sally Hansen Emerald City (dark green)Green  pink
Earth + Sally Hansen Purple Potion (violet)Green  maroon
Mercury + Sally Hansen Emerald City (dark green)green  orange
Earth + Sally Hansen Flirt (purplish-maroon)Green  dark orange
Venus + Sinful Colors Love Nails (blue green)Green  purple
EarthGreenOrange GreenRed Orange
Earth + Venus 1:1
Earth + Venus 3:1
GreenYellow GreenOrange
Earth + Neptune 3:1Med. GreenGreen BlueRed Purple
Neptune + Earth 3:1Green BlueLt. Green BluePurple Pink
Neptune + Mercury 3:1Green BlueLt. BlueLt. Purple
Neptune + Jupiter 3:1Green BlueMed. BluePurple
Neptune + Pluto 3:1Green BlueBlue PurpleLt. Purple
Neptune + Earth 1:1Dk Green BlueLt. Green BluePurple
Neptune + Jupiter 1:1Lt. Green AquaAqua
NeptuneDk. AquaBluePurple
Jupiter + Sally Hansen Ivy League (yellow green)Teal  lime
Jupiter + L.A. Colors Wavelength (golden yellow)Blue green  lime
Jupiter + Earth 1:1Blue GreenGreenLt. Purple Gray
Neptune + Venus 3:1Blue GreenMed. BlueBlue Purple
Earth + L.A. Colors Wired (royal blue)GrayBlue  bright blue green
Neptune + Sally Hansen Hot Magenta (hot pink)Light blue  pinkish purple
Pluto + Neptune 1:1Lt. BluePurplePink
Neptune + Mars 3:1Sky BlueLt. BluePurple
Venus + Neptune 1:1Med. BlueDk. BlueGray
Neptune + Mars 1:1BlueLt. PurplePink
Neptune + L.A. Colors Wired (royal blue)
or Wet 'n' Wild Blue Moon (dark blue)
Deep royal blue  bright aqua
Venus + Neptune 3:1Purple BlueSilver Green
Jupiter + Sally Hansen Flirt (purplish-maroon)Purple blue  green
Mars + Pluto 1:1Silver PurplePinkReddish Pink
Venus + Pluto 3:1Lt. PurpleSilver PinkPale Orange
Pluto + Venus 1:1Lt. PurplePinkPeach
VenusLt. PurpleRed GreenOlive Green
Pluto + Sinful Colors Lets Talk (purple)Purple  pink
Neptune + L.A. Colors Wavelength (golden yellow)Purple  green



  1. Wow! How did I miss this post?? I have these samplers and didn't even think of combining them. Thanks soooo much for all this work, it is fantastic!! It must have taken you ages :-? I will certaily find it useful xx

  2. Thanks for all this research. I'm new to the game here and this was my big question, can you mix duochromes? Yay!

    1. You most certainly can but I don't have it down to an exact science here. It was a good starting point I suppose.


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