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This blog and some info within is out of date, with the occasional exception of the Chameleon Pigment Suppliers list, but it stands as is for reference. The date of any updates are noted at the top of each page/entry.

Friday, August 31, 2012

MK's Jewelry Store Opening

I decided to leave the original entry below but the site/store is closed. -MK

I have news that is not quite news as there has always been a link to my other site but if I don't promote myself, I'm evidently not going to get anywhere so... My jewelry store is now open, over on Angelfire where the site has been re-vamped and updated (I'm only paying fees to PayPal this way) and although I've still got plenty of work to do, everything is operational. If my work garners enough interest, I may open a store on Etsy later on down the road but that's much later.

You've seen the logo, now click here and go see the jewelry. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anonymous Comments

Like any blogger, I love receiving comments and to encourage that, I removed the word verification a couple months ago because I realized how annoying it is. I don't moderate the comments left either except for those that Blogger flags as spam and these are most often compliments with a suspicious link left by anonymous users which I do not like. Until recently, the anonymous comments were harmless and not a problem but every day it seems one is now flagged. If you want to leave a compliment, suggest something, ask a question or even add a link to your own blog, I'm fine with that, I may even check it out... but from now on, you'll have to do it with an account, OpenID, Google, whatever. -MK