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Updates & Notices

This blog and some info within is out of date, with the occasional exception of the Chameleon Pigment Suppliers list, but it stands as is for reference. The date of any updates are noted at the top of each page/entry.

Links to Swatches

It has occurred to me that a list of links for all my pigment and glitter swatches might be helpful since they are scattered throughout my blog and not all under the same tag, however please be aware that not all of them are still being sold since many have been discontinued. Listed by the company that sold them, all the links go to the appropriate entry. Clicking the company name will take you to their website. The links below that go to the entry.

TKB Moon Dusts, Star Bites & Sparks! Indu Rose, Lavender Luz, Aisha Gold, Crescent Crimson, Luna Blue, Marinda Star, Shanika Sun, Cherika Moon, Aqua Sparks!, Copper Sparks!, Green Sparks!, Red Sparks!, Purple Sparks!, Gold Sparks!, Blue Sparks!, Noble Silver Sparks!
Swatches: TKB's Travel to…Pigments Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter. Bottom: Mercury, Mars, Earth and Venus
Swatches: Updated Travel tos & Mixes
Swatches: TKB's Reflecks Pigments Burning Leaves, Copper Reflecks, Bronze Reflecks, Gold Reflecks, Turquoise Tweak, Her Majesty and Pinky Pink.
Swatches: TKB Trading Cools Pearl White, Polished Silver, Black Mica, Sparkle Blue, Libra Blues, Hilite Violet, Bishops Violet, Grape Pop!, Sagittaire, Patagonian Purple, Aster Hue, Hilite Blue, Colorona Blue, Periwinkle Blue, True Blue, Blueberry Pop!, Grape Parfait, Colorona Dark Blue, Midnight Blue, Deep Blue, Blue Steel, Ocean Green, Pisces Blue, Indian Blue, Capricorn Sea, True Green, Coral Reef Blue, Hilite Green, Green Apple, Taurus Orion, Shamrock Green, Apple Green Pop!, Pennsylvania Green, Deep Green, Cyprus Green, Aquarius & Emerald
Swatches: TKB Trading Warms True Yellow, Lemon Drop Pop!, Crucible Khaki, Hilite Gold, Brilliant Gold, Radiant Gold, Crucible Gold, Forged Gold, Hilite Orange, Hilite Copper, Lovely Leo, Sparkle Bronze, Australian Amber, Passion Orange, Umber, Copper Penny, Tangerine Pop!, Aztec Gold, Gemtone Ruby, Red Basics, Queen Kathryn, Crucible Red, Deep Russet, Sparkle Rose, Foliage, Hilite Red, Raspberry Pop!, Strawberry Pop!, Scarlett O’Hara
Alternatives to TKB's discontinued Pops
TKB's Shimmer Pops vs. the Original Pops

Coastal Scents / Pigments can be found on their bulk site
Swatches: Coastal Scents Cools Antique Silver, Ultra Shimmer, Crystal Ice, Blue-Red Chrome, Mauve Quartz, Metallic Pixie Purple, Orchid Shimmer, Antique Red, Metallic Sapphire Pearl, Sparkle Blue, Blackstar Blue, Duocrome Iridescent Green Gold, Gemtone Topaz, Paradise Sea Green, Emerald Isle, Majestic Green, Blackstar Green, Duocrome Sparkle, Sage Blue, Summit Turquoise, Duocrome Blue Green, Gemtone Emerald
Swatches: Coastal Scents Warms 24 Karat Gold, Goldstone, Metallic Olivia, Sparkle Gold, Antique Gold, Pearlescent Sparkling Pure Gold, Gold Rush, Paradise Star Gold, Aruban Coral Pearl, Metallic Pearl Honey Tan, Tangerine Pearl, Paradise Shimmer Tan, Metallic Pearl Bronze, Metallic Copper, Copper, Metallic Rustic Gold, Paradise Rose Sky, Metallic Pearl Red Raisin, Pearlescent Fire, Sienna Fine Pearl, Blackstar Red, Blue Claret Pearl, Cerise Flambe, Antique Red, Sunset, Duocrome Red Orange, Chrome Carmine, Blushing Pink, Hot Side Pink, Cellini Red Intense
Swatches: Coastal Scents Christmas Orchid Shimmer, Mauve Quartz, Paradise Sea Green, Duocrome BG and Sparkle Blue

The Conservatorie The link does work but there are no items to be found.
Swatches: The Conservatorie Pigments Midori Blue, Luster Blue, Starlight Green, Golden Green, Shimmer Green, Shamrock Green, Merlot Gold, Peach Sunset, Red Clay Satin, Ruby Red, Starlight Ruby, Indigo, Sparkling Violet, Pansy, Magic Violet, Violet, Pink/Green Interference,
Bubblegum Pink, Watermelon, Hot Pink, Magic Pink, Primrose, Frosty Gold Luster, Opal Copper Pearl, SuperNova Red, Frosty Glitter Green, SuperNova Green, SuperNova Blue, Frosty Glitter Blue & Opal Violet

TCP Global Color Shifting Pearls SP113 Blue Green, SP117 Red Green, SP118 Green Blue Violet, CSP85 Blue Gold, CSP83 Blue Red, CSP82 Green Purple, FP112 Orange Red, CSP81 Red Gold, CSP84 Green Orange, SP120 Red Violet
TCP Global Traditional Pearls Red Violet, Green Blue Violet, Red Green, Blue Green, Scarabis Orange/Green

Anna's Art Asylum (store closed)
Anna’s Art Asylum Part 1
Anna’s Art Asylum Part 2
Anna's Art Asylum Part 3
NEW Anna's Art Asylum Duochromes 1
NEW Anna's Art Asylum Duochromes 2

Glitter Unique: Store Review Green-Gold Effect Flakes, Rainbow Pearl, Gold and Indigo Flakes, Midnight Sparkle, Tango Red Flakes, Magenta-Violet Pearlescent, Hot Pink Flakes plus various glitters
Glitter Unique Swatches Midnight Sparkle flakes, Black Opal (a mix of iridescent glitter and black), Turquoise Holographic Shreds, Shifting Rainbow Short Slices, Magenta-Violet Pearlescent, Hot Pink flakes, Gold flakes, Tango Red Flakes, Tiny Rainbow Pearl flakes, Green-Gold flakes
Glitter Unique UCC Flakes Green/Pink/Gold, Copper/Gold/Fuchsia, Copper/Gold/Green, Green/Gold/Fuchsia, Blue/Gold/Green, Lime/Blue/Gold, Green/Blue/Purple, Violet/Blue/Green, Pink/Purple/Blue/Green, Teal/Navy/Violet, Blue/Violet/Copper, Blue/Aqua/Violet, Violet/Red/Orange, Pink/Purple/Blue/Gold
Glitter Unique Color Shifting Flakes- all 13 available.

Solar Color Dust Swatches Part 1
Solar Color Dust Swatches Part 2

Didspade SuperShift Pearls & Store Review Invictus, Elixir, Solis, Vibe, Lithium, Dorado, Zionic, Wildfire and Nitron
Didspade Supershift Pearls (Part 2) Invictus, Elixir, Solis, Vibe, Lithium, Dorado, Zionic, Wildfire and Nitron

Spectraflair4u Chameleon Pigments CH14 Green/Gold/Red, CH7 Red/Orange/Yellow/Olivine, CH28 Violet/Red, CH30 Red/Green, CH31 Violet/Green, CH16 Purple/Red/Gold, CH26 Red/Golden, CH20 Gold/Green, CH6 Green/Orange, CH8 Cyan/Blue/Purple/Red, CH10 Violet/Blue/Green, CH5 Green/Yellow, CH12 Cyan/Purple, CH29 Blue/Violet, CH15 Orange/Lilac/Blue, CH18 Violet/Yellow and CH9 Indigo/Purple/Red/Orange

Pigment Comparisons and Mixed Swatches
Swatches: Color Comparisons 1 TKB Trading and Coastal Scents pigments
Swatches: Red Colors TKB Trading and Coastal Scents pigments
Swatches: Blue-Green Colors TKB Trading and Coastal Scents pigments
Duochrome Comparisons Part 1 TKB Red Sparks, TKB Moon Dusts, TKB Star Bites and pigments from Anna's Art Asylum
Duochrome Pigment Comparisons II Pigments from Anna's Art Asylum
Duochrome Pigment Comparisons III Pigments from Anna's Art Asylum and TKB Red Sparks
Glitter Swatches Links to photo albums on Facebook of glitters from: Glitter Unique, TKB Trading: Solvent Resistant Glitters, Glitter Hippo and The Crafts Outlet (too many photos of each to post here).
Pigment Pictures (in containers) TKB Trading and Coastal Scents pigments
Cosmetic Glitter Pictures (in containers) TKB Trading and Coastal Scents glitters (no longer available for purchase as they are old inventory)
Glitter Find various craft glitters
Glitter Haul various craft glitters
Glitter Review: Bleeders & Flecks various craft glitters
Bling MetalFlake Replacements The company no longer exists
The Arrival of SpectraFlair SpectraFlair in 2 grades with various silver holo glitters
Bling Metalflake: Swatches The company no longer exists
Alsa Flake Swatches in Sunlight Metal flakes from the Alsa Corporation
New Flakes from Alsa Metal flakes from the Alsa Corporation

Retail Nail Polish Swatches
Painted Nails and UCC Flakes
Sinful Colors Pine Away + UCC Flakes
Orly Ingenue
Pure Ice Lucky Charming
China Glaze Prism
Three Months Worth of Polish
Playing with Glitter Polishes
The Confetti Collection
Wet 'n' Wild Fast Dry Comparisons

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