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Friday, July 11, 2014

Orly Ingenue

My sister and I are going out tonight to see a fabulous concert- Sarah McLachlan which will be the second time we've seen her together so I'm looking forward to both a good show and a good night. I've been trying to get in the habit of painting my nails, taking my time with thinner, even coats and this seemed like another good occasion to do so with Orly Ingenue, previously unused. I touched up my hair color again too but I probably won't include a lot of pics of that.

For my nails, the photos were taken under a variety of lighting and from differing angles.

I bought this polish on impulse because of its golden glow and it certainly did not disappoint. I was also happy with the trouble-free application and shorter drying time.

For hair color, you get one picture because I hate my photographs. I am pleased to say that switching to a sulfate free shampoo and adding some weightless Argan Oil spray has allowed my hair to be less fuzzy and I'm sure cutting a couple inches helped as well. This was a refresher of Jerome Russell Punky Colour Poppy Red with a touch of Vermilion.

Have a good afternoon and evening, everyone! I'm out of here. -MK

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pure Ice Lucky Charming

Saturday was another sister day so once again I decided to paint my nails, far from the professional job my sister has done of course but it makes me happy just the same. Saturday's pick was Pure Ice Lucky Charming, a newer sparkly green that has been gathering dust in my collection for a few months even though it really grabbed me in store. Although I provided my own bottle shot, Lucky Charming next to my own franken #469 Chrysocolla, the pic doesn't do the color justice. I would call it a yellow-leaning green with a very beautiful gold shimmer. The finish is super sparkly and nearly metallic, that's my opinion but judge for yourself.

I used Chrysocolla as a topper, 2 coats and it turned out to be the perfect compliment, allowing Lucky Charming to shine through but also adding extra sparkle and a bit of a duochrome effect.

This one scores high on my list (my very short list) of polishes I have the patience for because it dried pretty fast and I was able to get away with only two coats. I could have used a third of course but two provided sufficient coverage. I was also rather proud of my paint job- the gap between the polish and the cuticle is uneven but I didn't flood my cuticle and the sides of my nails because I was practicing applying thinner coats... That sentence got wordy fast. Whatever, the point is I did a better job than I usually do and I was happy enough I took a boatload of photos.

Indoors photos first. 


And some outside shots, this time in the shade.


And in the sun.


I did something else fun this weekend too- I dyed my hair with a red semi permanent dye, Poppy Red (Jerome Russell, Punky Color) over my permanent current red, Vidal Sassoon Runway Red, London Luxe line. The Runway Red was hubby's pick, unnaturally vivid red but evidently that was a good thing because Poppy Red ended up this bright without my having to bleach my hair. It smelled a heck of a lot better than any permanent hair dye I've used too. The best part is it will eventually wash out so no harm in playing around with some color.

 It's going to rain here soon so enjoy the sun when you have it. -MK