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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Franken: #268 Tweeker

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Franken polish #268 Tweeker, one of my franken base experiments, was a project I used TKB's syringes for because it started out in a mini bottle, was later drained into a full size (15ml) bottle and the amount multiplied. The supplies used were: 2 BBs, TKB Trading's franken polishes bases in yellow and blue for the green base, their Glamour base for glitter and the clear coat. The glitter isn't your standard glitter, it's actually TKB's Turquoise Tweak.

The green base was a combo of  1 ½ ml yellow base, 1 ml blue base, and 1 ml Clear Coat, then drained into a regular size bottle. To that I added +22 drops blue base and 34 drops yellow base making it 1/3 full. I added 3 drops (the mini spoon) of TKB's Turquoise Tweak and Glamour Base up to the ¾ mark (I mark the bottles). 30 liquid drops is equal to 1ml.

Photographed indoors. Nails tipped with a gradient of Turquoise Tweak, at least that was the idea.

While there has been some settling, there has also been some that stayed suspended and it looks like what it's supposed to look like, a sparkly green, before I shake it up. The only problem is sheerness so if you attempt to make this one, you might want to adjust the amounts slightly. For the pictures below I lost count of how many coats I used to make the green opaque enough.

Tweeker alone, outdoors in partial sunlight.

Outdoors, daylight but no sun.

Indoors, daylight but no sun.

After looking at it on my own nails I decided to do the glitter gradient on the tips because in most lighting the sparkle wasn't obvious enough…

Indoors under the lamp.

… But I didn't say I did it well.

Outdoors, sunlight but not direct.



  1. Gorgeous color! I really like it with the glitter gradient as well.

  2. Thank you, lady. You do gradients much better so coming from you thats a big compliment.


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