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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Franken #469 Chrysocolla

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Hey there! Today is a nice weather day, hope you're having a good one too.

The name on this is a bit of a stretch if you know what the gemstone looks like since it can be both blue and green while my franken of the same name is technically a duochrome but here is Franken #469 Chrysocolla. While I'm not normally, this time I am extremely pleased with how everything turned out, paint job (even with the cleanup I missed) and pictures included.

Chrysocolla cabochon- the picture is from Gem Select and located here.

It wasn't a complicated formula or a big one- it was made in a 6ml Elizabeth bottle from TKB Trading, and without any suspension base, not because I don't have any but because it doesn't bother me to shake, shake, shake. The recipe is comprised of: 1 drop each of TCP Global's Kamen Blue and Intense Green flakes which are holographic, 6 drops of their Blue Green flake which color shifts, and 1 drop of Shanika Sun from TKB Trading's Star Bites Collection. The base is aqua tinted clear polish, very lightly tinted as you'll see later.

Intense Green, Kamen Blue, Blue Green, Shanika Sun & Chrysocolla. All the flakes are .015" hex cut.

For the rest of the manicure, I chose to layer Chrysocolla over Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme but not on my thumb since I was color testing. Quite a difference in appearance when used alone... I don't like pastels.
Photographed in sunlight

Various pics in daylight or sunlight

Daylight (yes, it's blurry).

And the duochrome effect, some anyway.

And because nothing shows sparkle like movement, view the video clip on YouTube. The first displays the green side of the franken, the second clip displays the aquas. 



  1. This is a stunner! Gorgeous!! :D

  2. Awesome franken! Now, with something like this, do you make the glitter mix first and then add the base? Or do you start with the base in the bottle and then add the glitter mix?

    1. I always start with some polish in the bottle before adding any glitter or pigment because it tends to stick to the bottom otherwise.

  3. Oh, that is quite nice! Over the black it is stunning!


  4. Love it-SPOTlighting this on my Blog. : )

    1. Thank you much for the attention/linking, glad you liked it.

  5. Wow, that's an amazing franken! I'm sure it would look really gorgeous over a teal or blue as well!

    1. One of my best ones, I'd say but it makes me wish I had more of those color shifting flakes! Will definitely will have to try your suggestion. Thanks, too.


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