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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Glitter Unique- New Items, Solar Color Dust Sale

This entry will include a couple things but I'm going to start with the news that I am most excited about- a new item from one of my favorite stores, Glitter Unique.

For those of you that follow the Glitter Unique Facebook page, this is not news but since I didn't until yesterday, when I want to know what's new, I go directly to the Glitter Unique website and what did I find recently added to the already amazing inventory? Fantasy Series Effect Flakes and I can't wait to get my hands on some!

There are four flakes listed now- Rainbow, Blue, Pink and Green, all priced the same. A 1 teaspoon sample is $3.00, the 1/2 oz. is $9.50 and the 1 oz. is $17.

The description included on all for has this to say:
Fantasy Effect Flakes distinguish themselves by their extraordinary sparkling effects and glamorous look. Their performance is outstanding in respect to high transparency, maximum sparkle, color purity, exceptional clarity and outstanding luster.
Unlike our other glass flakes which have a frosty/shimmer look to them due to the wide range of particle sizes ranging from a powder to a visible 'flake', the Fantasy Effect Flakes have a particle range form 450-670 microns, creating clean, clear iridescent flakes.

I've never used these flakes but I've got a few of the other effect flakes including the Rainbow Pearl Flakes which are beautiful in color but diminished by their size and I can imagine the larger size of the Fantasy Series lets that color shine through.

Solar Color Dust, the store I purchased my last set of chameleon pigments from, is having a sale, as much as 50% off on selected items. A lot of already affordable glitters are marked down. For the record, not all of the chameleons are included.



  1. I am so glad to have come across your blog. it is super helpful and so extensive. Also, i learnt of glitter unique here and their flakies are to die for! plus they are getting the ultra chrome ones too! do you know if their flakies and glitters are solvent resistant? I live a thousand oceans away and would like to be sure before i make a (rather large) order :)

    1. All their items are solvent resistant. I own an assortment of glitters and sample sizes from Glitter Unique and all have performed splendidly.

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  3. OOOOH WOW Squeeee! thanks Melyssa! i'm a very happy bunny indeed!


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