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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cosmetic Glitter Pictures (in containers)

This post was written in 2010 and these glitters are no longer being sold by either company.

The following picture is of my cosmetic glitters photographed outside in natural daylight, shown both in containers and from above. These were purchased from Coastal Scents (black lids) and TKB Trading (white lids). All have a particle size of .004

Top Row from left to right: CS Sahara Sand, CS Golden Fairy Dust, CS Jade Green, CS Emerald, CS Ocean Blue, TKB Blue and CS Purple Punch.
Bottom Row from left to right: TKB Holographic Holla Glow, CS Tinsel, CS Fairy Dust (an Aurora Borealis appearance like some beads), CS Pinky, CS Crimson, CS Ripe Orange and CS Black Magic Hologram (unlike the Holographic Holla Glow glitter, its tones are black, orange and green).

All of TKB Trading's cosmetic glitters are $2.95/ounce with the exception of the Holographic Holla Glow which is $4.95. Coastal Scents' cosmetic glitters are $3.95/ounce. They also sell a silver holographic glitter but with a size of .006.

Most of these have worked as expected in polish but Jade Green decided to “go bad”. The bottle has already been cleaned out or I’d show you what I meant by that but if you look at the container pic below you can see what appears to be two colors, a darker green glitter and a lighter green “dust”. In the bottle these two substances separated and no longer looked glittery. In dry form however it is a beautiful glitter.

The Crimson glitter had a different issue. In dry form it is a beautiful rich red but the polish shown below looks like silver and red glitter mixed- it’s not. For whatever reason the red has bled off some of the Crimson glitter.

Black Magic Hologram I’ve included extra pics of just to show the orange/green variation in color. I also had issues using this in polish with much the same result as Jade Green.

I stated that the Fairy Dust glitter had an Aurora Borealis effect (think Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball) like that seen on beads. Please click on pic to enlarge. Inset shows a Swarovski Crystal bicone bead with an AB effect. 1/26/11: This glitter, both hex sizes, will become white flecks when used directly in a bottle of polish.

Thank you for reading this blog entry and check back again soon for more swatches. -MK

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