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Friday, October 1, 2010

Pigment Pictures (in containers)

Links checked 12/12/13. The original date of this post is 2010 so all of these pigments are not available for purchase and none of the glitters. Coastal Scents pigments, the ones still current, can now be found at MicaPowder, CS's bulk website.

I have for you my collection of pigment swatches, at this time in containers. As with all the pictures, click to enlarge for this is where the pigment names are visible. White lids are TKB Trading pigments, black lids are Coastal Scents pigments. They are numbered and arranged in the order I purchased them.

1/26/11: The Fairy Dust glitter from Coastal Scents, both hex sizes, will become white flecks when used directly in a bottle of polish.

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  1. I think this is the first blog on which I encounter an extensive collection of both CS and TKB micas. Could you please let me know, are there any micas that are sold only by CS? I would like to order from CS but am afraid of getting the same colors I already might have.

  2. I'm glad you asked that actually. By name and color both Coastal Scents sells pigments that TKB doesn't but TKB's inventory is larger. I ordered from CS before ordering from TKB and I was sorry I didn't start there first. Give me a day or so and I'll compile a list for you of those CS pigments that are original to the best of my knowledge.

  3. Coastal Scents “Original Colors” *-owned
    Amethyst Mica (TKB also sells an Amethyst Mica but I don’t own it so can’t attest to how different they are)
    Chameleon Violet Mica
    *Chrome Carmine Mica
    Crimson Coral Mica
    Duocrome BG (unless you own TKB Coral Reef)
    *Duocrome Iridescent Green Gold
    *Duocrome Red Orange
    *Emerald Isle Mica (Despite the name it doesn’t look like TKB Emerald)
    *Gemstone Topaz
    *Gold Rush
    *Hot Side Pink Mica
    Mauve Quartz Mica
    *Metallic Pixie Purple Mica
    *Metallic Sapphire Mica Powder
    *Sage Blue Mica Powder
    Sparkle Blue Mica
    *Sunset Mica Powder

  4. Thank you!
    This is quite a lot of them... which ones do you recommend as "must haves"?
    I'm really looking forward to the swatches now :)

  5. Out of what I listed here,
    Chrome Carmine Mica
    Duocrome Iridescent Green Gold
    Duocrome Red Orange
    Gold Rush
    Metallic Pixie Purple Mica
    Metallic Sapphire Mica Powder

    There are others I consider "must haves" for me but that wasn't what you asked.

  6. Your research has been so invaluable to me, maybe turn all your information into a wiki page :D Poly Flake by Glitterex bled for me they should take nail polish off their packaging. =/

  7. I posted this before I saw it on the bleeder list. >_< But still think they should take it off the packaging.

    1. Oh, I agree totally, especially since they know some will.


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