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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Confetti Collection

On a recent grocery store trip I stopped in CVS Pharmacy to check out their cosmetics in hopes of finding more of Wet 'n' Wild's limited editions. I found a few of those but I also discovered a brand I'd never heard of called Confetti, priced for $1.99, the same as my favorite Sinful Colors.

The first time around I bought those shown in the first pic. The second time I took my flashlight and bought more. It turned out the flashlight came in handy because I would've missed some hidden behind others, shown in the second pic.

Below these are single nail swatches but please don't hold my paint job against me. I could make comparisons to other colors but we'll save that for another day.

Conga Line, Blue Bombshell, Pop the Cork Purple, Happy Birthday, Smitten and Ice Ice Baby.
In the top row: Dreamdate, Debutante, Pink Confetti, Purple Parade, Dressed to the 9s and Papa-Razzi.
The second row: Masquerade Ball, Purple Pizzazz, Tiara, My Favorite Martian and Tahitian Turquoise.

Blue Bombshell, Purple Parade, Masquerade Ball and Pop the Cork Purple. Each of these were 3 coats, could have used 4. Pop the Cork Purple, despite it's name, looks more blue rather than purple.

Dressed to the 9s, Smitten, Papa-Razzi, Debutante. These were 3 coats each.

Happy Birthday, Tiara (over Smitten), My Favorite Martian and Dreamdate. Happy Birthday is 4 coats, the rest 3. Tiara is a very sheer glitter-like polish. The flecks are neither white or silver but somewhere in between. Dreamdate is also very sheer but sparkly.

Tahitian Turquoise, Pink Confertti, Conga Line, Purple Pizzazz. Tahitian Turquoise is 4 coats, the rest 3. Pink Confetti is also very sheer; think along the lines of Sally Hansen's Shooting Star.

This is 3 coats of Ice Ice Baby over Tahitian Turquoise. I should have picked a more contrasting color.

$1.99 isn't a bad price but I would've liked to see a bit more glitter and brighter colors. I may go back and acquire a few for frankening. -MK


  1. I've heard Tiara is great for frankening...

  2. I've not used it since the swatching. Adds nice sparkle as a topcoat but I think it would probably get lost in a franken. Thanks for checking this out.


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