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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Glitter Haul

Links checked 12/12/13

I've noticed many of you are on a "No Buy July" whereas I apparently don't know the meaning of the phrase.  Kudos to those of you that have chosen to do that and been able to stick with it instead of being like me and being drawn to every sparkly thing that catches the eye. Thankfully though, my birthday was recently so my glitter haul was due to more than my own generosity.

The first part of the glitter I did buy for myself, from the Hobby Lobby: Martha Stewart's Tinsel glitter which was a set of 12 colors, about $16.00. I could've potentially gotten it cheaper off eBay but I preferred instant gratification.

My use of these so far is limited to one bottle of polish where every color was mixed in with clear polish and Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight. In the Spotlight, if you don't already know, is a holographic silver tinsel and they all blended well together. But there is a bleeder in here, the most likely culprit(s) being the red, the orange and dark pink, judging from the color of the polish now.

On impulse, I also bought these, $9.99 each. This is a brand called Tulip which I've never used but since one was neon and the other pastel, both being a set of 6 colors, I grabbed them.
Photographed indoors under lamp light.

Photographed from the bottom, outdoors but no sunlight. The pastel set is left this time, the neons on the right.

The Tulip sets are not holographic but neither are they flat colors. The effect of the color is more like Coastal Scents' Fairy Dust glitter or the Jade Green, sparkly without a metallic holo look. I haven't tried them in polish yet but I fear that effect may be lost as it was with my Disco glitters and the Fairy Dust.

My other purchase was from Ester's Nail Center: Hexagon glitter flakes in a set of 12. I bought mine for $4.99. These are no longer available, 12/11/13. 

As their description says, these are roughly 2-3mm in diameter, hex cut glitter. To me, the word flake implies an entirely different shape. The individual containers are not huge (I bought three sets for that reason) but there is plenty of glitter in each. I haven't done a side by side comparison but I'm fairly certain they are around the size of my TKB samples.

The major part of my glitter haul came from Kit Kraft Inc. as a birthday present from hubby. Kit Kraft Inc sells many hobby related items but my interest was in their large glitters.

Shown here, 5 of the available colors in Kit Kraft's Medium size glitters. All are hex cut, .094" in size, ½ ounce containers. Red, Silver and Gold were $1.49 each, Blue and Magenta were $2.79.

Here are 16 of Kit Kraft's Fine size glitters, all $1.49 each, ½ ounce containers. Fine size is .040" making it one size down from Medium.

Just to round out my size selection, I also bought 13 of Kit Kraft's Extra Fine size glitters. Also sold in ½ ounce containers for $1.49. Extra fine is .015", two sizes below Fine and two sizes larger than the Micro Fine glitters from TKB Trading (currently discontinued), Coastal Scents, The Conservatorie and to be fair, many other companies as well.

I'm sure there will be more bleeders in this recent haul but that is to be expected and will not necessarily interfere with my plans. As I learn which of these do I'll be sure to post them. -MK

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  1. Thanks for sharing these. I too went on a glitter buying kick, all from the Martha Stewart line. I long for different size hex and round glitters but have yet to find any that I like. I look forward to reading about your thoughts on the ones you bought.
    Sorry-blogger wont let me log in to post under my name.

  2. Thanks for your time. I'm struggling to get that entry finished.


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