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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Franken #350 Turn it Up

This is actually an older entry back from summer time but if it weren't for previously written ones, I'd have little exciting to tell you. On the bright side for me, I am enjoying my music immensely but missing my supplies. Absence makes the heart grow fonder or so they say.

#350 Turn it Up is the franken polish that started the craving for new, bigger, chunkier glitters in more colors than I already owned although it doesn’t contain many from my stash. Instead this is comprised of a whole host of store bought glitter polishes and because it is, suspension isn’t an issue at all.

I like this one so much I took lots of pictures.

Photo taken in outdoors sunlight.
Turn It Up is standing in the back. In front are L.A. Colors Treasure Island and Glistening Purple, both from the Color Craze line, Sinful Colors Call You Later, Wet ‘n’ Wild Party of Five, L.A. Colors Aqua Crystals, Sassy Sparkle and Jewel Tone, also from the Color Craze line.

Photo taken indoors under lamplight.
Shown here is Turn It Up again with my red and silver large hex glitter samples from TKB Trading.

Paper swatch of Turn It Up.

Macro shot of bottle.

For the manicure if it can be called that, I layered it over a basic black polish for contrast. Yes, I am messy. No matter how hard I try, I’m messy.

Outdoors, full sunlight.
My pinkie is the only one that grows fast, like you couldn’t tell.

Outdoors in the shade

Indoors under lamp light

I wore this one for a couple weeks which is probably the longest I ever kept a single polish on. It struck me as being very colorful and loud, hence the name. -MK


  1. Denise- Not exactly, with the exception of "beat the hackers", the entries I've got to post were written months ago... but I'm always around for questions and comments.


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