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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cooler Heads Prevail

By now it's no secret I was- am- pissed off and insulted because I tried to do a nice thing and enlighten people about the legality of selling SpectraFlair polishes, which, for the record, I'm sorry I ever mentioned. I was so hurt enough I pulled the content off my blog and no, I didn't consider how that would effect anyone but me.

I work very hard on my blog to provide accurate information, resources and research, share ideas learned from trial and error and I take pride in that. I do not believe in misinformation or in "spreading propaganda without basis". When I don't know something, I don't lie and say I do, I pass along what I do know. There are many women I am sure who have been frankening longer than I and who have learned far more than I but I do my research and I know what I am talking about. So yes, someone thinking they not only need to educate me but insult me as well... naughty, naughty. There are other nicer ways to relay knowledge.  

My husband's opinion is that I "punished the masses to punish a few" and isn't very happy with me. He, along with several other people who said something about it, have a point and I'm not afraid to admit I am wrong for making the rash decision to pull everything because it did effect my readers. Frankly, I didn't think anyone would care but apparently some did. My goal was not to upset anyone else but I did, my husband included, and I really cannot stand disharmony. 

I'm impulsive sometimes but not stupid. I didn't delete the content of my blog, I reverted everything to drafts while I decided what I really wanted to do. Instead of leaving things here the way they are, my husband convinced me to revamp the appearance which I am perfectly capable of doing so that's what I am going to do. Content will re-appear when I'm done.  -MK


  1. What happened after your last Specktraflair post? :/

  2. Hi MK, Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your husband. I love when I read about a man paying attention to his wife's interests and actively sharing. Glad he shared with you that your info was well researched and kindly written. Pretend to be a beautiful duckie--let others meaness roll right off your back. They deserve no more than that.

  3. I'm not sure what happened here, and I have not read any previous posts here for months so I don't know what was pulled or what you felt you had to post on your blog.... but it seems I am involved in this post at the very least, and the communication you had with me on ebay is what triggered it?

    I did not read your previous posts on this blog, or what you said in public on your blog, nor did I view my reply to you as an insult - I apologize if you did view it as such, and I did reply with a second message on there saying as much, and apologizing that "propaganda without basis" came across harshly. Yeah, I put my foot in my mouth, but I have had this conversation with dozens of people over the past year, and while I do appreciate the info, it is a grey area, and incomplete info may as well be propaganda. I did respond clarifying that I was a bit annoyed at TKB's blurb on the magic holo page, and not you, and did appreciate the thought and intentions!

    Let me repaste the entire contents of our conversation, since you obviously have gone public and felt that a blog was the place to address a private communication:
    You sent me a message (where, by the way, "you must not be aware" is just as haughty a tone as "propaganda without basis":

    "You must not be aware but selling polish made from SpectraFlair is considered illegal by the FDA because SpectraFlair is not cosmetic approved. I've included a quote from TKB Trading (a pigment wholesaler/retailer) regarding this.
    TKB's Magic Holographic is sold individually here. We also sell it as part of a set we call the Magic Trio.

    Magic Holographic is a pre-colored nail polish made from cosmetic grade ingredients. This is an important fact because it means that formulating with Magic Holographic allows you to confidently sell your holographic nail polish. Other options, such as Spectraflair, are industrial pigments not approved for use in cosmetics by the US government. Selling a nail polish made from Spectraflair would be deemed illegal by the FDA."

    I replied:
    "I am aware of it, and I'm also aware that is it propaganda without basis and that FDA approval is a length process that not many companies can afford to go through. So, it is easy to be unapproved and difficult to be approved. Glitter is also not a cosmetically approved ingredient, neither is glow in the dark powder, thermal pigments, and quite a fews other things currently in use by large, commercial companies producing and selling nail polish in the US. But thanks for your concern."


    1. You replied:
      "Please understand that I was not trying to spread "propaganda without basis" as you phrased it. I had one intent only and that was to make you aware of something you may not have known, and perhaps save you a little trouble with eBay if it was illegal. I would hope that if it had been me selling something like that and I didn't know, someone would enlighten me. My intent was NOT to ruin any potential business of yours, to tell you what to do or to imply you were misinformed. Yes, I quoted TKB Trading because I don't see any reason for them to lie but I am not affiliated with them, I am a customer of theirs, I've had good experiences with them and being a wholesaler, they would also have some dealings with the government since they also purchase from overseas I am sure. You are always free to do as you see fit."

      I replied, and that was the last communication:
      "I appreciate the info :) I have gotten three others like it over the years, and it's not 100% accurate however. It's on TKB's part that I feel the propaganda/fear mongering is coming from; I just wish they gave full information, you know? I obtain SF in nail polish base from someone who is licensed by JDSU to distribute it for nail polish (and in a nail polish base) and their lawyers are satisfied as this being safe (the powder on the other hand, is an irritant and lung carcinogen). It's used by Color Club, Urban Outfitters, the new (and old) China Glazes, and a few other domestic companies (others use another holo pigment) in current polishes, and has been used many times in the past, since the mid 90s, in polishes from domestic companies. It's not illegal, per se, it's just not an ingredient that has been granted official use in cosmetics generally (not sure it will be, unless JDSU stops selling it in powdered form), just like a few other polish (and cosmetics) ingredients I mentioned, including glitter - all glitter. So it is very much a grey area ingredient in terms of licensing, but in terms of safety it is safe in a nail polish base.

      I didn't mean to sound short or upset, but I get these e-mails every once in a while, and I wish TKB gave the full side of the story on their website, is all? Thanks & have a nice week :)"


      I'm not sure what tone you expect if you start a message with "you must not be aware." I will let people form their own opinions of the above, I guess?

    2. ANYWAY. I really do apologize for sounding curt, and I very much do appreciate the work you've put into your blog - it's not an easy thing to maintain this much info. The annoyance really was aimed at TKB - they have had other info blurbs up in the past that they pulled. One was up for chromium oxide (both of them) with a large carcinogen warning, but that is pulled now. They obfuscate their MSDS data so it is hard to double check the safety of the things they sell. Sure, they're allowed to make mistakes, and I still love them and buy from them, so no one is perfect. Can't we all just get along? :)

    3. You know what, I'm glad you commented here although, even if I had known who you were outside of ebay, I wouldn't have mentioned a name. Given an opportunity to reply to you, I'm going to.

      Yes, I borrowed your phrase of "propaganda without basis" because that phrase stuck out in my head and I thought it summed up nicely the response I'd gotten from not only you but several others. In fact, aside from that one phrase of yours, your response was one of the tamer ones I received. And yes, I received your second message and although I did not response to it- didn't really feel the need to bother you again- I did appreciate what you said.

      Let me emphasize again that yours was not the only response I'd gotten for my efforts to inform people and it was not yours that set me off the most. In the SpectraFlair entry, I did imply that you said more than you did, when in reality, it was your phrase combined with someone else's comments to me and I will happily clarify that in that entry when I repost it- and I'm going to do that so that you may see what I said and that I did not drag our entire conversation into a public forum, I used that one phrase from it.

      I did not think "You must not be aware…" was a haughty tone at all although I'm sorry you did and for that I do apologize. "Must" wasn't the best choice of word apparently but I certainly wasn't thinking that way when I wrote it. As I had stated in my second message to you, I was trying to save you some possible trouble and I was polite in that response, hence why you responded in kind.

      As far as any other official FDA or JDSU regulations, inaccurate statements made by TKB Trading in the past or anyone else's prior arraignments made with another company to sell the SpectraFlair-made polishes, I have no idea and cannot debate it because I DON'T know.

    4. I only know what I've read in this comment thread. I totally get how aggravating it is when you contact several people with helpful intent and receive negative responses.

      I *will* say, however, that starting a message with "you must not be aware" does come across as kinda rude. To me, there's an implication in that phrasing that's like, "OBVIOUSLY you don't know this, because you wouldn't be doing what you're doing if you did, so lemme school you."

      Clearly that wasn't your intention at all! But I wanted to give an outside perspective, if it helps.

  4. I have no idea what happened, but I miss your blog. I do hope to see all of your wonderful, beautiful, and informative posts again sometime!

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  6. Reposted: onlinephduk July 6, 2013 at 5:14 PM I am sorry to hear that you have had such a harsh time with the masses. I hope that everything falls back into place. I hope you get everything taken care of. (Link Omitted)


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