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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 2013 Site Updates

Believe it or not, I do come around here once in a while although I quickly become bored when I do. Just the same, I've made some effort to update prices, having gotten done every entry with the $$$ tag but haven't gotten to the pages yet.

Some dead links have been removed or updated where applicable. That's still a work in progress. Today, 12/12/13, I worked all day and fixed links on all but a few entries. Pages will be next.

I found some new suppliers for suspension base (new to me anyway) and listed those on the Suspension Base Suppliers page. I'm amazed at how many there seems to be now.

I've trolled the internet for one of my favorite things- duochrome pigments- and listed the suppliers I found on the Automotive Suppliers page, a couple others on Color Shifting Pigments (Part 3) and (Part 2)

I also fixed my Franken Book, going back to the original version which seems to function just fine as long as I don't update it.

During my absence, I've also made countless color recipes but since most of them are more impressive in dry form and less so in polish, I haven't decided whether I should post them. I must say I find it a bit more difficult without using any of TKB Trading's discontinued Pops pigments.

Speaking of TKB Trading, for my Christmas present from hubby, one of the things I ordered from them was a sample set of the Shimmer Pops, their "ready to wear" pigments so I'll then be able to visually compare them to the Pops and show them to you. Along with that, I also ordered some of their Luminette bottles so I'll have those to show you as well.

I've also discovered I'm no longer notified via email about comments made so I've missed out and not replied on quite a few- my apologies to those of you that left one.

Until you hear from me again, everyone have a happy and safe holiday season -MK


  1. I hope you decide to continue posting. Your posts are invaluable!

    1. Thank you for the compliment- and for visiting my site. I'm not very active with the nail polish anymore but I hope to post something soon.

  2. I've never made polish but am really wanting to try. I'm not sure why you don't post as much anymore, but I can say that you have provided me with a wealth of information I know I will not find elsewhere. Thank you so much!

    1. Boredom, mostly. Thanks for reading my blog.


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