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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nail Polish Organizing

I find it interesting when I see how other bloggers store or display their polish collections and those that are able to display theirs often arrange them by color, like my sister although she sticks with OPI and China Glaze.

I live in a smaller apartment and all available wall space is already being used so mine are stored in Sterilite shoebox drawers, purchased as necessary from my local Dollar General. As floor space is also at a premium, they are stacked fairly high, 9 to a column.

The first column is all store bought polish, all keepers, those I won't franken with, except the top drawer where I store bases and topcoats. The second column is also store bought polish, two more drawers for "keepers",  and the rest of drawers are for the duplicates bought for that reason. The final column are my own creations except for the top and bottom drawers which hold my empty bottles and those that need to be cleaned before reusing.

Even with each drawer neatly labelled by brand or line I still often misplace bottles and overlook the same one over and over because all I see looking into the drawer are caps which would be fine if polish names were on top but mine are not. Then I hit upon an idea and spent a few days marking the tops with the polish in the bottle. Obviously you can't use the brush to paint the cap so I painted my finger instead and did it that way.

And now when I pull out one of those drawers, most of the time I find what I am looking for.



  1. So happy to see you posting again!
    I only discovered the wonderful world of DIY polishes a few months ago and your information has been SO helpful! No longer must I scourge high and low on the net to find certain things like Chromaflair and all those hard to find materials, all the info is is right here.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you very much and thank you too for visiting.


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