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Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm Almost Here

I'm sure it seems like I disappeared again, not that that's unusual for me but the month of February kept me busy, irritated from arguing with my father and less inclined to spend my limited free time working.

At the beginning of Feb., I spent a lot of time and effort photographing the Solar Color Dust chameleons I'd bought in January and I did actually get all the pictures taken and partial entries written. I did not get them posted however because I was informed on the 4th that our apartment complex would be doing an inspection of every apartment and so I spent the next couple weeks cleaning, mostly on my own with the hubby at work and the kids at school. We don't live like pigs, normally my home is clean enough to have visitors any day of the week but this involved a lot of those things I don't do regularly like cleaning baseboards, the ceilings, washing windows, and the cat hair and dust bunnies that build up in the corners (a day later, my vacuum decided to die and I'd barely gotten started, that was a pain). ... I've lived here for 8 years and we'd never had an inspection before so I did all this assuming the management would be looking around thoroughly. In reality, the manager took a quick look at the kitchen and bathroom, asked if we had any water leaks and left within 5 minutes... The bright side of my neurotic cleaning is that my apartment looked spotless for a few days.

Once the inspection was over, I sidetracked myself with a different project, coming up with a design using rhinestones to decorate the silver aluminum lid of my laptop, totally unnecessary but totally me- if I owned a cell phone, it would also be sparkly. I've had my laptop around six months and resisting the urge to do something to it has been difficult. I first considered buying a "skin" or decal set to customize it, even having one of my own pieces of artwork printed to use but the rhinestone idea has proven more entertaining and creative. Perhaps I will post a photo when I am finished but right now, I'm still working on a digital version in Corel Paintshop Pro.

Soon, I will return to post the swatches and other photos of the Solar Color Dust chameleons and I'd like to think they were worth the wait.

On an unrelated topic, within the last two months I have reached 600+ followers and would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to those of you who became my followers recently and helped me to hit that mark and also to those of you that have been with me since early on. I've never commented on it before but I do occasionally check my stats and I'm always impressed to realize that my blog is as popular as it when I am so inconsistent in my postings. I'm fairly antisocial in real life so I get a real kick out of this. Thanks very much, ladies! -MK


  1. Yay for Solar Color Dust chameleons swatches! I just finished frankening all of TKB Planetary samplers and still can't get enough of duochromes. Thank YOU for your awesome work <3

    1. I feel the same way. I want every duochrome I can get my greedy little hands on.

  2. Also so looking forward to the swatches.
    You have the best Franken info site on the web.
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks for all your hard work - your blog has been an invaluable resource to me, all the information is presented and organised in such a useful way! I totally hear you on the going overboard and worrying for days about house inspections only to have a 5 minute "Welp, it's not trashed so...awesome - see ya" type visit, it happens to me a lot too :)

    1. I should have known I suppose since they'd been the management for a year and a half but waiting that long to check their property. If my house was "destroyed", they wouldn't have done anything to fix it. They couldn't care less about the colony of yellow jackets that live on my balcony, salting or plowing the parking lots or anything else for that matter. This sort of stuff is why I would like to buy a house.

    2. Er, "waited" that long, not "waiting". I hate grammatical errors.

  4. Holy shizzballs, thank you for this! I need to reread it...


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