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Monday, March 10, 2014

Solar Color Dust Swatches Part 1

The store review for Solar Color Dust was posted without nail swatches so it wouldn't be loaded with pictures but with 21 pigments, I make no such promises for this entry, even with it split in half. I have for you today lots of pictures of 10 of the chameleons from Solar Color Dust-  the pigments on paper, dry on finger tips ala TKB Trading, and finally, the polishes swatched on black nails and white nails, photographed many times to capture the color shift- the right lighting made a lot of difference for that.

Call this your teaser picture. 21 different colors of duochrome, damn near every color in the rainbow and many in combinations I didn't have before. Although you cannot see all those numbers, the nail sticks are in numerical order from right to left.

For today, I'll be covering Olive/Red (Pearl) (594), Fantasy Chameleon (593), Olive/Violet (605), Mauve/Red/Orange/Yellow (598), Red/Orange/Yellow/Kelly (597), Olive/Red (608), Blue Green/Orange Yellow (602), Blue/Yellow (604), Gold/Kelly/Green/Blue (595) and Blue Violet/Olive (607). The numbers in parentheses correspond to that number polish in my franken book and are there because the pigment names are far too long to write on any label.

Two more shots:

The picture below is of the pigments on paper- captured on double-sided tape and sealed with another piece of transparent tape. Unlike just looking at pigment dry, this has the effect of smoothing the surface and bringing out interference colors. This set was photographed with a combination of Ottlite and daylight.

Like other times I have tried to photograph color shifting pigments dry on my fingers, the color shift doesn't play well, especially the white ones but that's ok here,  I just like to show pigments in all their forms. This time the pigments are not in number order but in a loose color order, as much of one as is possible anyway.

Olive/Red (Pearl) (594), Fantasy Chameleon (593), Olive/Violet (605), Mauve/Red/Orange/Yellow (598)

Red/Orange/Yellow/Kelly (597), Olive/Red (608), Blue Green/Orange Yellow (602), Blue/Yellow (604) 

Gold/Kelly/Green/Blue (595), Blue Violet/Olive (607)... and Gold/Blue Violet (603 and Blue/Green (611) which you'll see more of in the next post.

The requisite bottle shot.

I do the nails on both black and white (closer to a natural color, really) but because the colored powders are quite pigmented and look different over white, I have the over-white nails below. Photographed under the Ottlite & partial daylight.

All over white, photographed under the Ottlite & partial daylight.
All over white. Left to right: Olive/Red (608), Red/Orange/Yellow/Kelly (597), Mauve/Red/Orange/Yellow (598), Olive/Violet (605), Fantasy Chameleon red/green) (593), Olive/Red (Pearl) (594)

Blue Violet/Olive (607), Gold/Kelly/Green/Blue (595), Blue/Yellow (604), Blue Green/Orange Yellow (602)

Because the angle you view a duochrome changes the color, I also photographed them in pairs, a more direct perspective.

Olive/Red (Pearl) (594) and Fantasy Chameleon (red/green) (593)

Mauve/Red/Orange/Yellow (598) and Olive/Violet (605)

Red/Orange/Yellow/Kelly (597) and Olive/Red (608)

Blue Green/Orange Yellow (602) and Blue/Yellow (604)

Gold/Kelly/Green/Blue (595) and Blue Violet/Olive (607)

But of course, as is true with most duochromes, the real beauty comes out when they are layered over black. First I'll show you a side shot of each pigment and after, composition shots to show off the color transition. Individual pictures here photographed in daylight, pairs with a combination of Ottlite and daylight.

Fantasy (red/green) (593)

Olive/Red (Pearl) (594)

594 & 593

Olive/Violet (605)

Mauve/Red/Orange/Yellow (598)

605 & 598

Red/Orange/Yellow/Kelly (597)

Olive/Red (608)

597 & 608

Blue Green/Orange Yellow (602)

Blue/Yellow (604)

602 & 604

Gold/Kelly/Green/Blue (595)

Blue Violet/Olive (607)

595 & 607

The composition photos are ever so slightly more complicated- I found so much color variation depending on the lighting I used, I didn't feel this would be an accurate presentation without including them all. I have photographed them in pairs again to save some space in this post and each comp picture has 4 columns, each column is one type of lighting. Honestly, I don't recall the exact lighting for the first column, I didn't leave myself a note but it was afternoon. Column 2 is a combination of Ottlite and daylight. Column 3 is afternoon daylight. Column 4 is night time and under the Ottlite.

Olive/Red (Pearl) (594), Fantasy Chameleon (593)

Olive/Violet (605), Mauve/Red/Orange/Yellow (598)

Red/Orange/Yellow/Kelly (597), Olive/Red (608)

Blue Green/Orange Yellow (602), Blue/Yellow (604)

Gold/Kelly/Green/Blue (595) and Blue Violet/Olive (607)

Ok, so that's it for today. If you haven't already, check out Solar Color Dust Chameleons: Part 2 -MK


  1. Thank you for your great work. Seriously, you and your blog are the most precious asset in the franken department! I will buy them as soon as they release sampler pack.

    1. They don't sell samplers unfortunately but their prices per gram still beat a lot of other companies.

    2. Apparently they are thinking about selling samplers because of the popular demand. BTW, I saw they list your review on their facebook - see Feb 3rd post ;)

    3. I appreciate you telling me both things, I had no idea. A sampler would be very cool, there are other things from SCD that I'd try out if there was. For me, it made better sense to buy my own pigments than try to acquire all the retail or indie nail polishes out there that are duochrome so I "had to have" every one SCD sold and couldn't wait for a sampler. Well, I am extremely bad at waiting anyway.

    4. And thank you for visiting.

    5. They are now offering sample packs, just got mine last week. Can't wait to try them out!

    6. Most important: Have fun with them. If you remember, show me some of your results, I'd like to see them.

  2. Thank you SO much!
    I have been eyeing Solar Color Dust for a while, undecided.
    Wish they had such a thorough display as you have assembled.
    Your work is very appreciated.

    1. Thank YOU for visiting! Like you, I'd wished there were swatches of the chameleons but found nothing when I searched the 'web so I'd been prepared to be disappointed a little with my purchase, never knowing if I'd end up with dupes. I was pleasantly surprised that while there were some similarities, there were no exact dupes.As Cassis P mentioned above, SCD may release a sampler soon so that would be a good way to try them out before you do something crazy like I did and buy them all at once; it was silly really but I was afraid someone would buy them out before I could..

    2. They now offer sample packs, just got mine last week. Can't wait to try them out!

  3. Wow they look good!
    How much pigment are you adding to the base?

    I just ordered the thermals a few days ago! Cant wait to play with them!!


    1. It was 6 drops for each mini bottle- TKB's spoons and TKB's Elizabeth mini bottle. This was probably a bit too much but it was for swatching purposes so I wasn't too worried about that.

  4. Did you get a new camera? Or is it the ottlite? These swatches are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and color accurate (I have some of these pigments and was curious about how close some of the two ways were, so huge appreciation here!). <3

    1. It's the same camera, outdated model Canon Powershot but more than functional outside of my non-working flash. Parts 1 and 2 were all photographed at the same time for consistency. The Ottlite does help, I didn't have one of those before but I took about 2000 photos and experimenting with lighting and angle until I got something that satisfied. I will say I was also amazed how well the ones I used turned out.

  5. Hey maybe a dumb question please dont me lol can i use any suspension base or would i have to use something like tkbs glamour basefor suspending glitter? Really interested in trying the duochromes and thermals

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by "any" suspension base unless you simply meant brands other than TKB Trading's, in which case I imagine any brand would work. TKB makes Luster base as well for pigments but I use the glamour base for everything, a small way to save money on supplies. There are a lot of different companies selling base now so plenty of options.


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