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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Housing Update... and shoes.

While I wait for my mailman (I like my mailman and he'll be the only thing I miss about living here) to deliver the shoes mentioned in the title of this entry, I thought I'd give a brief-er update on my house.

This is what our agent called "quiet time", time where paperwork is being filed and is processing and there's nothing left for us to do at the moment but wait. Waiting is a killer, I'm eager to get moving.

My house had it's inspection and passed well enough that our agent said it was the cleanest report she'd seen in a while. The was nothing found that was a deal-breaker and the seller agreed to fix a few of the other minor things such as a broken window. The USDA appraisal will be scheduled, no problem according to the inspector because they mainly want to verify there's a house at the address and that its not falling down, they'll be in and out in 15 minutes. Our closing is set for April 30th so the next two months will be spent packing, moving, cleaning this place, transferring the kids, cats and utilities, changing our address and notifying whomever has to be notified. We're breaking our lease by one month and the penalty is paying for the rest of the lease, the manager stuck to that and would not waive it even though we've been here 8 years. Hubby was surprised by that but I was not.

Now I did mention that I was waiting on a pair of shoes... Charming Charlie, a local shop, sells clothing, shoes and purses but their real eye-catcher is all the jewelry, arranged in sections by color so my sister and I stop by there when we're out together. They also have an online store which is where I found these, on sale, marked down to $19.99 from $35.00. That nice big chunky heel means I can actually walk in them and not risk breaking an ankle.

That pair has kicked off a new shoe obsession so in my idle time, I've been online window shopping for shoes on ebay. I've seen a lot of pairs I'd like to buy including those below. Flashy yes but colorful.

Of course while browsing shoes, I've found plenty of ugly pairs too and created The Hall of Ugly Shoes album on my Facebook page, worth a giggle or two if you have the time.

Around here, the weather is looking pretty nice, I hope the rest of you get the chance to enjoy a pretty Saturday and do something fun... -MK

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