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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Glitter Swatches

Oh, I know that everything on this blog is out of date and in some cases, I have dead links as stores and their inventory have changed. To be truthful, I haven't the inclination to spend the endless hours required to fix those things (or to even write entries for my other blog). I'm so out of the loop and the hobby, I have little idea what has been going on in the polish world; I haven't even bought a bottle of nail polish in quite a bit over a year. The exception is, I still come here regularly to check the Blog List for everyone else's interesting posts.

I am here now to share with you a few links to photo albums (swatches) I have posted on Facebook, the reason being that I've been on a glitter buying spree lately and wanted to share color photos for the glitters from Glitter Unique, TKB Trading, Glitter Hippo (sister company to Solar Color Dust), and The Crafts Outlet. I bought everything for crafts but all the glitters except those from The Crafts Outlet are supposed to be solvent resistant which makes them worth perusing. Album links below.

New (to me) Glitter Unique glitters
TKB Trading: Solvent Resistant Glitters
Glitter Hippo Glitters
The Crafts Outlet Glitters (currently on sale)



  1. What are you making with all that glitter?

    1. I apologize, I didn't see this comment waiting on me with a bunch of others. At the time I bought it all, I was glittering dragonflies, completing my starburst mirror, made a wind-spinner or two, I WILL be using it for Christmas ornaments, artificial flowers, candles, candle holders... pretty much whatever I think of to use it on.


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