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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Looking for Ultra Chrome Chameleons (UCCs)?

Eventually I'll have to update my duochrome/chameleon suppliers list(s) because a lot has changed in my absence but I have a few new things to add that are too much fun to wait. Like just about everyone else in the nail polish world I find myself captivated by all the color shifting flakes that are now available for purchase; if you want to go the easy route and buy the pre-made stuff, tons of great indie makers are happy to oblige you but if you're a bit like me and want to do it yourself, suppliers are more limited. I found all the current sellers during my research and I'm sharing them with you here.

First, my all time favorite for a host of reasons: Glitter Unique.
At Glitter Unique, you'll find the more normal color shifting pigments, the super-intense Ultra Chrome Chameleon pigmentsCrystal Chameleon flakes and the Ultra Chrome Chameleon flakes that are in all those indie polishes. Prices are both competitive and reasonable. Most of the UCCs are sold by the gram which is fine for personal use but if you're into making larger batches, Glitter Unique can supply that too.

The next store would be Spectraflair4u. I remember having a few conversations with the owner via email back when she first opened the store but I've never bought anything from there so I can't share any personal experience, and surprisingly, Google doesn't retrieve many results for "Spectraflair4u" so many I can help bring more attention to the store with this.
At Spectraflair4u you can buy "normal" chameleon pigments, Chromaflair, Ultra Chameleon Chrome pigments, Ultra Chameleon Chrome flakes. Selection, prices and quantities are all very good.

Solar Color Dust sells similar products under a different name. I've not purchased any of these either but I have bought their other pigments and glitters (review and swatches on my blog) so I have all good things to say about the company. As I said, you can find the "normal" chameleon pigments- Two Color, Three Color, Four Color and the Ghost Series, "Super" Chameleon pigments (comparitive to the UCCs, I'd say) and "Super" Chameleon flakes (also looking like UCCs). Selection, prices and quantities are all very good.

Coming next is a store on etsy called ColorCraze2000. ColorCraze has a small selection of Chameleon pigments and some colors of Ultra Chrome Chameleon flakes. Also worth keeping an eye on.

The last store I have for you is Didspade. I haven't bought much from Didspade but I did recently pick up 1 gram samples of their "SuperShift" Pearls, a more concentrated color shifting pigment not unlike the UCCs. They also sell an assortment of other regular color shifting pigments, the C series, CX series, Epic, Space and Twisted series.

For those of you interested, most of these stores also sell SpectraFlair or an alternative to it.

I'm still working on my comparison list of prices/colors (there's really a lot to sort through) so stay tuned for that, I'll post it when I'm done -MK

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