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Monday, April 17, 2017

A few posts coming...

It's obvious by now that my interest in polish making and polish collecting has waned and my supplies are gathering dust- it will be a hell of a yard sale- but I have two or three posts planned for the coming days. Duochromes, specifically photographs of color shifting pigments from SpectraFlair4u and Glitter Unique, Didspade's Supershift Pearls (comparable to the UCC pigments from the other two stores I just mentioned), and some UCC flakes from Glitter Unique as well. These things aren't brand new inventory for them or me and I really should have posted photographs last year but didn't.

The purpose of doing it now? It takes me forever to decide which pigments to buy because I compare this company's photos to that company's to avoid buying dupes and to do accurate comparisons, you need more photos- and there aren't enough of those online. I did post my review of Didspade with bottle and bag photographs but neglected to take nail stick swatches. I didn't document the chameleon pigments from Glitter Unique and SpectraFlair4u at all until recently.

It's a' coming, as soon as I write it. -MK

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