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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Didspade Supershift Pearls (Part 2)

Even though it is almost a year later, I'm going to consider this a follow up to my original entry,  Didspade SuperShift Pearls & Store Review. In that post I reviewed the store, their product line-up and their Supershift Pearls with pictures of them in bottles and the sample bags. If you haven't seen it before, I encourage you to do so. What I hadn't done was swatch nail sticks or photograph them for that review and I should have, but I don't mind saying that I was pleasantly distracted by five foster kittens at the time.

I want to be fair and completely clear here. While the focus of this post are Didspade's Supershift Pearls and these are the only ones that I actually own, I've read that they match up color-wise with the Ultra Chrome Chameleon pigments sold elsewhere and this is why I'm adding my own photographs to the mix. Didspadeno offense guys, stopped offering the pigments at $7.00+ per single gram and now they are 5 grams for $34.75, a good price if you need and want 5 grams but maybe a bit high if you're a hobby polish maker rather than an indie maker. Our 1-gram-alternative are the UCCs from SpectraFlair4u or Glitter Unique. Both stores have an assortment of colors for $11.50 per dry gram (as opposed to pre-dispersed which you may also buy), 12 colors for SpectraFlair4u while Glitter Unique has 9.

Returning to Didspade, they currently have 11 colors, 9 of which I own and they are: InvictusElixirSolisVibeLithiumDoradoZionicWildfire and Nitron; Ametrine and Atlas are the two I don't have. As far as I know, Didspade was the first to start selling the super concentrated chameleon pigments, at least in a reasonable quantity versus price for us polish makers and I snapped up on their initial deal, managing to get 2 grams of each color. On to the photos!










As you saw from the above, Invictus, Vibe, Nitron, Solis, and Elixir are all similar- as in the same range of colors- but none are identical. Below I'll give you some side-by-side photos to help you decide for yourself, with both ends of the nail stick visible. The nails showing on the bottom of each picture are the black nails- the pigment/base mix layered over black polish. The nails at the top of each are "natural nails", the usual color of artificial nails. Having both in frame lets you see more of the color transition at once.

The first set of two photos were taken in daylight indoors, without a flash and without more direct sunlight, the angle changing slightly from one to the other.

From left to right, Invictus, Vibe, Nitron, Solis, Elixir, Lithium, Dorado, Wildfire, Zionic

These two were taken in the same room in daylight, and still without a flash but with sunlight shining right on them which adds a bit more sparkle to them- though they are all of a finer particle size. Again the angle changes slightly from one to the other.

From left to right, Invictus, Vibe, Nitron, Solis, Elixir, Lithium, Dorado, Wildfire, Zionic

For these two photos, I split them up for a better close up group shot. 

From left to right: Invictus, Vibe, Nitron, Solis, Elixir 

 From left to right: Lithium, Dorado, Wildfire, Zionic

It's always good to have options. -MK

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