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Monday, January 3, 2011

Swatches: Coastal Scents Christmas

5/08/17: Coastal Scents sells bulk pigments on their website, Mica Powder and not the Coastal Scents website like they used to. Additionally, not all of their pigments are available so I've removed the links to those that aren't and updated the ones that still are.

One of my presents this Christmas was an order from Coastal Scents albeit a small one. In this order was:

1.     Sparkle Blue… is nearly identical to Metallic Sapphire Pearl but has more sparkle.
2.     Duocrome Blue Green… The description says "May be called Coral Reef by other suppliers." but it looks a lot more like Indian Blue from TKB than it does TKB Coral Reef. The Conservatorie sells a Coral Reef too but I don't own it.
3.     Paradise Sea Green (no longer available)… falls into the same category as Majestic Green and TKB's Pennsylvania Green though they are not dupes. Most interference pigments are white and these aren't but they all show off a much sharper green when viewed at an angle.
4.     Mauve Quartz… is nearly identical to TKB's Bishops Violet.
5.     Orchid Shimmer… I don't know what to say about this one. It's very close to TKB's Grape Pop and The Conservatorie's Violet but not quite.
6.     Sterling Silver Glitter .008… I happen to like glitter and this one did not let me down with its brilliance. This is no longer available.
7.     (not shown) Fairy Dust Glitter .008… The same as the .004 size and suffers from the same problem as the Disco glitters I featured- when mixed in a bottle of polish, the color disappears and the glitter becomes white flecks.

As always, click to enlarge pictures.

The picture below is a finger swatch ala TKB Trading. The thumb, left, was added from a second pic and is Sparkle Blue. Following that is Duocrome BG, Mauve Quartz, Orchid Shimmer and Paradise Sea Green.

The pictures below are all the same pigments, photographed from different angles at different times of the day.

From left to right: Orchid Shimmer, Mauve Quartz, Paradise Sea Green, Duocrome BG and Sparkle Blue.

From left to right: Sterling Silver Glitter .008, Paradise Sea Green, Duocrome BG, Orchid Shimmer, Sparkle Blue, and Mauve Quartz. The second pic is out of focus slightly but does show more of the interference-like color.



  1. I've never purchased a pigment before and I want to know what is the difference between mica and a pigment? Hopefully you can help me.

  2. I looked this up and summarized, referring to the technical definitions from Merriam Webster, Wikipedia and TKB Trading's website.

    A pigment is simply, as TKB phrased it, "a color additive", typically a powder that imparts color to what it is added to, in my case color to fingernail polish. Pigments can be made from many things such as plants, insects (Carmine, a red pigment, is insect derived) and minerals, all of natural origin. Pigments can also be synthetic, or what I'm going to call "man made". Mica is a mineral thus I'd call it a type of pigment. Since micas have a tendency to form crystals, most often silvery, they are used to add "shimmer and shine", also stated on TKB's website. You might want to refer to that page as TKB Trading probably explains it clearer than I did.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and do come back. Have a great day. -MK


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