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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Normal Life Soon Resumes

As the title implies, life will soon go back to normal. January 3rd my sons return to school from winter break and I am more than happy about that. Every weekend, holiday, vacation, break and snow day I'm relegated to going to my father's where my time is no longer my own.

During this most recent time I've made a few polishes though most were not remarkable outside of the TKB Planetary pigments. I also completed swatching all the new pigments on my index cards and paper and managed to get a few collections photographed though not yet posted. While doing so I figured out all those new pigments yielded far too many dupes of what I already own much to my great disappointed- with even fewer "pleasant surprises". The only advantage to this is that I can now update that Dupe List more effectively and have far more comparisons to photograph.

Monday, in between catching up on the housework I've missed the past two weeks, I hope to finish swatching, photographing and have things posted so check back then. -MK

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