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Friday, January 7, 2011

Swatches: Coastal Scents Cools

5/08/17: Coastal Scents sells bulk pigments on their website, Mica Powder and not the Coastal Scents website like they used to. Additionally, not all of their pigments are available so I've removed the links to those that aren't and updated the ones that still are.

Links checked 12/12/13
Having completed the task of posting my Christmas pigments I decided to continue documenting the rest of my collection with swatches. Today I'm beginning with Coastal Scents pigments, the cool color range (and neutrals). All pictures, unless stated otherwise, go from left to right. Click to enlarge.

I only have 3 neutral color pigments from CS; Antique Silver, Ultra Shimmer and Crystal Ice. Ultra Shimmer and Crystal Ice were featured in the entry Comparisons/Swatches and as you can see, they are virtually identical. I own Polished Silver from TKB Trading and Antique Silver is definitely darker.

These were taken in direct sunlight.

For purples we have: Blue-Red Chrome, Mauve Quartz, Metallic Pixie Purple, Orchid Shimmer and Antique Red. Antique Red may look a bit too red to be pictured here but next to the reds, it looks too purple. The Blue-Red Chrome has a pinkish-purple interference which is more visible on the finger swatch as is the interference color of Mauve Quartz. Several of these colors have dupes or "cousins" from other companies but I'll address that in a separate entry.

The blues are: Metallic Sapphire Pearl, Sparkle Blue and Blackstar Blue. True to the name, Blackstar Blue (along with the other Blackstar colors) is a very dark, black-based color. Metallic Sapphire Pearl and Sparkle Blue are very close in color but the Sparkle Blue… sparkles more.

Greens are as follows: Duocrome Iridescent Green Gold, Gemtone Topaz, Paradise Sea Green, Emerald Isle, Majestic Green and Blackstar Green. The second pic was taken in direct sunlight.

The two pictures below are of Duocrome Iridescent Green Gold, Gemtone Topaz and Paradise Sea Green. The second pic was taken in direct sunlight.

In the following pictures are: Emerald Isle, Majestic Green and Blackstar Green. The second pic was taken in direct sunlight. Yes, I accidently skipped my middle finger.

I saved the aqua and blue-green colors for last because the first time I photographed the set, I'd forgotten to include Gemtone Emerald. I re-photographed the set but two days later and with very minimal sun.

The blue greens are: Duocrome Sparkle, Sage Blue, Summit Turquoise, Duocrome Blue Green and Gemtone Emerald, in that order.

The second part of my Coastal Scents collection will be completed and posted on the next obliging day. Once again, it is gloomy and overcast around here. –MK

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