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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swatches: Color Comparisons 1

Links checked 12/12/13. The original date of this post is 2010 so all of these pigments are not available for purchase. Coastal Scents pigments, the ones still current, can now be found at MicaPowder (I updated those links), CS's bulk website.

It’s color comparison day! Get ready for a long entry because I have for you a lot of pigment color comparisons, pictured both in containers and swatched on skin. Not all of these colors are “dupes”, some I posted because they are in the same color family and compliment each other nicely. For reference, Coastal Scents is abbreviated CS and are in the containers with black lids and TKB Trading is abbreviated TKB, obviously, and are shown in white lids.

These two are both CS pigments, shown on the left Crystal Ice, right is Ultra Shimmer. Not dupes but very close, the main difference being particle size. When I want to add sparkle to a color recipe or bottle of polish I usually choose the Ultra Shimmer but it is more opaque than Crystal Ice. Other pigments similar to these would be CS Paradise Diamond Pearl (no longer available) or TKB Diamond Cluster.

CS Chrome Carmine and TKB Sparkle Rose. Now as you can see, these are not dupes but they are in the same color family. Each has a gold reflection or overtone when viewed at an angle but unfortunately doesn’t come through in the pictures. Chrome Carmine is a paler pink, smaller particle size while Sparkle Rose is a darker pink and with it’s larger particle size, has greater sparkle. Another pigment that compliments these nicely would be CS Duocrome Red Orange.

Here we have TKB Bishop's Violet, shown left and CS Blushing Pink on the right. Again, they are not exact dupes but are in the same color family. The difference is that Bishop's Violet is more purple with a pink reflection while Blushing Pink is pink with a purple reflection. Particle size, finish and sparkle are about the same.

Three swatches here, CS Cerise Flambe left, CS Paradise Rose Sky middle and TKB Queen Kathryn right. Perhaps Paradise Rose Sky should’ve been excluded but it is more similar than it appears in the swatches. All three are beautiful but Paradise Rose Sky has the largest particle size and because of this, slightly more sparkle than the other two.

We have here three Coastal Scents pigments, from left to right: Metallic Pearl Red Raisin, Pearlescent Fire and Sienna (Sienna Fine Pearl on my label). All are decent reds but nearly identical in color, Pearlescent Fire being just a tad more orange in polish. Sienna has the smallest particle size thus the smoothest finish. The third pic I just found on the pc and shows Pearlescent Fire, left, next to Metallic Pearl Red Raisin.

Two more Coastal Scents pigments almost identical in color, Aruban Coral (TKB’s match is Artisan Coral) and Metallic Pearl Honey Tan. These are actually two of my favorites since I lean towards coppers and decided I can live without neither. Metallic Pearl Honey Tan is a little darker and slightly more orange than Aruban Coral, particle size and sparkle the same.

From left to right we have: CS Metallic Pearl Bronze, CS Paradise Shimmer Tan and TKB Sparkle Bronze. In color the differences are so slight it’s not worth mentioning but the particle size/sparkle of Paradise Shimmer Tan and Sparkle Bronze exceeds that of Metallic Pearl Bronze.

Pictured here are CS Metallic Rustic Gold, left, and TKB Aztec Gold, right. As far as I can tell there is no difference between the two at all in color or particle size, only in price with Aztec Gold being cheaper (I should point out though that with CS you are getting the pigment in a 4oz container if you buy an ounce which would account for the slightly higher price).

These two Coastal Scents pigments, Gold Rush left and Paradise Star Gold on right, are not identical but very similar. Both are equally sparkly which make them my favorite golds.

CS Sparkle Gold on the left, TKB Brilliant Gold shown right. Sparkle Gold is slightly darker with a larger particle size than it’s “cousin” Brilliant Gold. Brilliant Gold offers a smoother, more uniform coverage.

Ah and here are two of my “trouble” pigments, CS Metallic Olivia shown left and TKB Crucible Khaki (discontinued), left. You can read more here about why they are trouble pigments but only in polish, as eye shadow I imagine they would be brilliant. As far as I can see they are identical in all respects and only a $0.01 difference in price.

I love green, don’t you? Pictured here are CS Majestic Green on the left and TKB Pennsylvania Green shown right. Unfortunately my camera does not show it but both have a flash not unlike Hilite Green, the green flash being stronger in the Majestic Green.

No dupes here but definitely the same color family. From left to right: TKB Ocean Green, CS Duocrome Sparkle and TKB Pisces Blue (discontinued). The Ocean Green has the smallest particle size and most subtle flash of green. Pisces Blue has a greener tone, Duocrome Sparkle more blue.

That’s all my swatches momentarily. As always, thank you for visiting and check back for more to come.

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