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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Iridescent Glitters

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I'm having a bad ******* day. I'm locked out of my yahoo email account temporarily which means of course that I can't get my damn email. Microsoft Word is screwed up so I can't work on documents until I find the damn Installation CDs. That means I can't work on entries either. Ok, maybe I'm on a bit of a rant but I do have a point if you keep reading.

I mentioned that I ordered some from another company and it arrived the same day that my Alsa flakes did but I didn't get around to doing anything with them. You want to know the truth, I've wasted so much money on glitters in the last year that bled or turned into flecks that I was a little afraid to test them. Well four out of the twelve I ordered are crap, flecks, useless. Three of the four were white, iridescent glitters like my Disco glitters from Hobby Lobby or Coastal Scents' Fairy Dust, Jade and Black Magic Glitters- also all flecks and thus useless in polish. I've never bothered to try it but no doubt my neon UV glitters from Glimmer Body Art would do the same thing. Those Disco glitters were made by Poly Flake and it said right on the package, Great for nail polish. Liars, all of them. Solvent resistant my ***!

I was offered a refund for one of the bad four because it has "known bleeding issues" (what they'll do about the rest remains locked in my damn email account). If it had known bleeding issues and you knew this, why do you not say that in the damn description? I wouldn't have bought it! $10.00 a jar is too high to overlook. In fact there are no individual descriptions and no individual customer reviews. This is also the case with many other companies I shall not name here. Ladies, I am sick of getting burned. Many of you are too I know because I just read on someone else's blog about a recent glitter order "melting" in polish and she was just as disappointed as I am.

Now here's my point and this one is going in my own personal rule book. If you know a glitter is not going to work in polish, let the company know. Leave a customer review and warn the rest of us. I have proceeded to do just that. I will not buy another glitter that has a aurora borealis or iridescent effect or what is sometimes referred to as "Cystallina" glitters. The only safely reliable glitters like that are the ones already in store bought polish.


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  1. Oh wow, I almost ordered some of those poly flake glitters once! Such false advertising!
    Thanks once again for sharing your experience.

  2. Once again I cannot post messages as myself but this is MK, the blog author. ABOP, I will say this about glitters in general, the AB ones seems to experience the fleck problem but I've never tried the other Poly Flake glitters, not even the holos. The Esters Nail Center holor glitters proved even holographics MAY suffer this but in my experience, very few.


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