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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Innate: Store Review

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Unless you're into the automotive paint industry, you've probably never heard of Innate but they are a company worth mentioning and I'll tell you why. The name of the company is actually Innate Technologies but as I have a habit of using the shortened version of names, Innate is what I'll continue to call it.

Innate, like many of the other companies I've purchased from last year, sells the typical variety of paints: ghosts, candies, pearls (including PearlEx pigments) and automotive flakes. What sets them apart from their competition is that they sell products from Old School Flake and Xotic Colours which are only found in a couple other places online.

Since it was prior to Christmas, I had the chance to get some frankening supplies I'd been wanting, had settled on color shifting materials but not what company I would buy from. Innate came up due to the Magic Flakes they sell which are actually Old School Flake's Ghost Flakes- five transparent color shifting flakes in .008". There are very few "in use" pictures of these on either company's website but Innate gives a good color description and clearly states that they are transparent.

Autumns Rush- A Blast of Bright Fall Colors Fades Gold to Red to Green
Purple Haze- Purple That Fades To A Dazzling Transparent Sparkle!
Rio Carnival- A Rainbow Of Ever Changing Colors That Will Amaze All!
Lime Lights- Lime Green That Fades to Bright Blue
Sea Scapes- Blue Green That Fades to Deep Purple

The visualization I had was of the Poly*Flake Disco glitters and the original white flakes I sent back to Bling Metalflake. We know what they did, they turned into nothing so I sent Innate the following email:

I have a question you may or not be able to answer. I make nail polish using a variety of pigments and glitters but of late it has been automotive flakes, those from the Alsa Corporation or Bling Metalflake for instance, and while there have been some issues with bleeding with other glitters, the automotive flakes usually don't.  Polyester glitters that are transparent tend to bleed into nothing when submerged long term in nail polish and the Magic Flakes are transparent as well- I'm wondering how solvent resistant they really are. Buying 4 ounces to test only to find out it will not work could be a lot of wasted money so does anyone know what they will do in nail polish? What they are made from? Is anyone willing to test it out? Thanks in advance for your time.

I sent the email assuming that even if I got a response, they wouldn't know and probably wouldn't go to the trouble of testing anything but I was wrong. The email I got back asking me to "call about it" wasn't very encouraging but when I did, I found out the owner, a gentleman named Nate, had done some testing for me. He tried one of the Magic Flakes in (urethane) paint thinner with positive results and then tried another color in acetone I believe it was, again with positive results- no bleeding or discoloration although he did note that the thinner had become slightly milky.

Given my experience, I continued to express my concern that they would bleed in nail polish and he told me that if I would buy one color at the full price plus shipping, he would send me the other four free to test. Full price was $17.95, shipping via Ground $9.97 and it was still a deal. He shipped them out quick and they arrived shortly after, packaged in the small bottles shown below. 
Now for the good news and the bad. Lime Lights turns into colorless white flecks within minutes. Rio Carnival, which normally looks a lot like the glitter in Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball, is a half flecker which is to say that the warm colored glitter disappeared. Autumns Rush, Purple Haze and Sea Scapes are ok.

Innate ranks high on my list of good companies now for obvious reasons. The owner spent quite a while on the phone with me and went out of his way to answer my questions, testing his products even though it had the potential to cost him a sale. Along with the excellent customer service, Innate has a pretty good selection and the prices aren't half bad. They are definately worth checking out. -MK


  1. Replies
    1. Haven't done much with them I'm afraid. Tested them, that's it.

  2. The more I buy products online instead of in stores, the more I'm happy to hear about great customer service. I try to give some people a pass sometimes because we all have our bad days. Your questions were probably new to him I suspect and the fact he was nice and didn't just blow you off was lovely. I can't wait to see swatches because the descriptions sound amazing. Thanks.

  3. You should definitely do swatches :)

  4. Are these the magic flakes sold on Youmix lately, you think? Some of those looked clear but some looked purple or gray, so, hmmm..

    1. I suppose they could be but lots of companies make those kinds of flakes and not all of them work. I don't think the price matches either.

  5. Yep, you're right. The Youmix ones were Disco flakes from Glitterex corp (same ones sold at Lurecraft, disco green, disco blue). These look to be different.

    Are the three non bleeders still holding up fine? (Hopefully you still have them in testers?) Thanks for the response & infos.

    1. No, I don't have them in testers anymore but I've got them in various frankens and they seem fine color wise. My only complaint is that the green/orange shift isn't like flake polishes although this is also the case with TCP Global's green/orange flake. And I'm not in love with the fine particle size but I knew what size they were ahead of time.

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