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Monday, February 20, 2012

It's a Man's World

There's an automotive painting/paint supply store near my home that we drive by on a regular basis and they have some colorful shapes up in their window that always catch my eye. I've been dying to find out what they are for years but until using automotive flakes and pigments in my creations, I didn't have a real reason to go in. On Saturday they close at 12p and this weekend I just happened to be out and about before then so I saw my chance and took it- went in by myself, dear ol' hubby waiting out in the car. That may not seem important but the two gentleman manning the shop acted like they never see a woman walk into the place and treated me accordingly; they were unfailingly polite but assumed I knew nothing about automotive paint and talked me that way. It was implied that I wouldn't have the money for a large quantity (like I didn't freaking know automotive flakes come in 2 or 4 oz and larger?) Okay, I'm not an automotive painter, I don't work in a body shop but I know brands, I know prices, I know enough to walk into an automotive store and talk intelligently. Hmm... and they were big enough to sell PPG products which you have to be an authorized seller to do, but they didn't know where to get SpectraFlair? Before I left, I asked if they minded if I "pick their brain" if I had questions and received the response, "If you spend some money here." and I did not take that as a joke.

Two somewhat good things came from this. One, those colorful shapes were shells for motorcycle gas tanks and now that I know, I can stop wondering. Two, one of the men had long curly dark hair and it brought back nostalgia for when my hubby did when he was in his 20s. Hair that gorgeous is wasted on men.

A side note: Just noticed a ton of Lynnderellas on eBay, prices on some just sickening. Someone is always trying ro score off another person's desperation.


  1. I hate when that happens. I have to take my car in for service tomorrow so I will probably get the same treatment, my husband cant take it in.

  2. I HATE when you are in an automotive situation and your husband/bf/some dude is there with you and they keep talking to the man even though it's MY truck. UGHHHHH it makes me so angry! I always leave and rant to my husband, "it's MY truck, why don't they talk to ME?!?!" Luckily, my dad works for a big car company so he usually takes my truck in. Guys belittling women like that (although I'd like to think it's mostly unintentional) really irritates me cuz I'm educated, and even if I don't know something, you should explain it to me cuz I'll be able to understand it. Grr.

  3. That really sucks..I would go to their business feedback (yahoo has them still I think..hell I still use them for restaurants and stuff) or if you have an Angies list subscription and give them a POOR RATING! It reminds me though of what I do in those (MMTM "moronic male testosterone moments")..I say outloud pulling out my cell and hitting the record button..and say.."'re one of those companies that never listen to the short fat chick..right?..Men like you never listen or like short fat chicks" ;)..its amazing the change in customer service those kinds of public comments embarrasses them or better yet..TWEET IT OUTLOUD! I live in "redneck Florida" and deal with that BS all the time...that little trick always works for me AND I get the service I'm after without all the MMTM...
    On the ebay thing...I guess someone that won Leah Anne's "auctions" wants to make a profit off of all those "signed and rare" Lynndrella polishes she auctioned off last week...

  4. Feminism isn't dead... no matter what dudes want us to think.

    Hope you can find a supplier who doesn't believe that vagina and brains are mutually exclusive.

  5. Stores like that make indirect communication and shopping online more appealing. I'm not sweating it, they aren't the first ignorant males I've encountered in the automotive industry.

  6. As a man, a I find this behaviour is appalling. I believe in taking things at face value. If a knowledgable lady talking about pigments to me I would be asking for advise! BTW some of these mica pigments work great in acrylic mediums.

    1. Then its too bad you didn't work there. When I mentioned I used pigments in nail polish, they looked at me like I had three heads.


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