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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Magnetic Pigments!!

Links checked 12/12/13
Good Morning ladies! I have a bit of news for you today.

Magnetic nail polish is one of the newer crazes taking over the polish world, hot on the heels of the crackle craziness and there seems to be as many brands doing it as there are different patterned magnets to use with them. There isn't though, that I know of, magnetic pigments for us frankeners to play around with. Kris of the blog, My Lucid Bubble did attempt and succeed in making a magnetic franken from "raw ingredients" but she said in so many words that it wasn't worth the effort to do it again. After reading that, I didn't bother to attempt it myself, in part because I don't find magnetic polishes (any more than the crackles) all that exciting but mostly because the challenge wasn't worth the reward.

Now enter the magnetic pigments! Yes, powder pigments, just like the others we use except these are magnetic and all you need to have a little fun are the empty bottles, clear polish and some magnets. Where are you going to buy them if you want them? Anna's Art Asylum on eBay.

Anna offers 6 colors as 1 gram bagged. You can buy all 6 colors for $12.00, free shipping. The magnet is not included nor does Anna sell them but if you're into magnetic polish, I'm sure you already have some since most are on the bottle cap.

Anna recently sent samples to me to try out but it quickly became obvious that I don't know what the hell I'm doing so, no pictures. I don't care for the price of magnetic polish so I don't have a patterned magnet and instead tried to improvise using a round neodymium magnet- it didn't work. I get the basic concept though, a proper magnet creates what would be termed chatoyancy in a gemstone like Tigereye. I've seen a lot of nice manicures done with magnetic polish so my experience was obviously due to operator error. Any recommendations for a magnet, anyone?

The colors Anna's Art Asylum has are golden, orange, dark pink, blue green, purple and what looks like yellow? Her pictures are of the pigments mixed with clear but I'm sure they could be mixed with colored polish too. For the one bottle I made, I chose clear with the purple pigment initially and then added some green-to-purple-pink duochrome polish.

Go check the pigments out, see what you think. -MK


  1. I suppose you could buy the pack of magnets that China Glaze sells with their magnetic line, since it is sold seperately and not on the cap.

    1. I thought of that but the way they designed it seems like it would be awkward.

    2. I have Layla, LCN, and China Glaze line magnets. I posted a comparison of LCN and China Glaze (sadly, I forgot I had the Layla when I made the post - duh!) I remember trying it before and liked it. However the lines are further apart than the ChG one. So, if you get a good ChG one, it's the winner.

      The L'Oreal star is my favorite between it and China Glaze! The ChG one was awful. I wonder if it's just luck though. I've seen a few good ones posted.

  2. Thank you so much for all this information! Wow!

    (and for following me ;) *hug*)

  3. I tried magnets that were on my fridge, just to see if they would work with my magnetic polish. 2 out of 3 did work! One had a thick lined pattern to it and one had a thinner lined pattern to it. The third just kinda made a big blurry spot on the nail.

    1. Yeah, the blurry image is what I ended up with but I still haven't gotten around to buying a real magnet to try.

  4. I was excited to try these in a clear gel, to make a magnetic gel polish - sadly it didn't really work. The colors were really pretty, and the designs were fine using magnets I had from another magnetic polish, but the design didn't hold long enough for the 2-minute cure. The pattern looked great at first, but it all just dissipated during the cure time. One of the colors also didn't cure correctly, so these appear not to work too well as a gel polish. :( I'll have to try them soon in a regular polish base.

  5. Hi, you probably know a lot more about all of this now. I am just learning and found a post about making your own magnet designs to use with magnetic polish which may interest you?

    1. I'm not an expert but yes, I know a lot about polish making, though not about magnetic polish or their magnets. Years ago, after she posted the entry you shared here, I did try my hand at it but found I wasn't much good at it. I didn't come up with any cool designs like she did nor did I have the patience to hold the magnet over each nail consistently.


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