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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Anna's Art Asylum Part 3

Links checked 12/12/13

This post will conclude the 3 part series featuring pigments from Anna’s Art Asylum; links to Parts 1 & 2 are located at the bottom of the page. I've already reviewed 8 of the duochromes and that brings us to the last two, #35204 & #221501 which have the same color shift but in slightly different hues.

If you're interested in purchasing these, Anna offers all 10 pigments, an assortment of 5 for $20.00 ($/gram), free shipping on both. Since I wanted all 10, I selected the 5 for $20.00 option with a quantity of two.

This picture shows how the pigments are packaged, each gram in a small bag with its name written on a holographic label (they don't have actual names, only identifying numbers). Both this one and the one below were photographed at the table under "daylight" lamp light.

The pigments in order on a binder ring, Alsa-style.

All 10, as polish, layered over black. Photos taken outdoors.
#362801, #462805, #22808, #481804, #412604

#412605, #35202, #821502, #35204, #221501

Alternate View:

I'm going to tell you now that both of these are very close to TKB Trading's Shanika Sun but Shanika starts out more yellow-green and ends in a greener color than #35204 and #221501.

First up is #35204
This is the only pigment that could pass for a dupe of TKB Trading's Shanika Sun; it has the same particle size and the yellow green-aqua-blue color shift. 

What shows on the fingertip is only the green side to this pretty color.

Changing the angle of my camera, like all good duochromes, reveals the other colors. 

Next (and last) is #221501
#221502 has a finer particle size than #35204 (but not as fine as the Moon Dusts), and is a touch bluer as you'll see below.

In brighter light, this color resembles TKB's Aqua Sparks.

In lower light, it becomes the golden green of #35204

In dry form still, on double sided tape.

 Both bottles, #35204 and #221501, taken in direct sunlight. I include the reflection because it helps to give you a better idea of their color.

All followed the same simple recipe, just 4 drops of pigment mixed with 1/2 clear & 1/2 Glamour Base. Even though I cut the Glamour Base by half, the majority of the pigment has remained suspended. The bottles are TKB's Elizabeth so these are between 5-6ml.

The nail swatches I did as “skittles” and are layered over basic black polish. #35204 is left and #221501 is right. Both are 3 coats.

The second set, and it will be obvious when the second set begins, were also done as skittles but on my nail sticks. These sticks are black acrylic nails which saved me time and layers of black polish.
These photos were taken directly under the light source, a "daylight" lamp.

The greener side.

Different room, regular light. I know the image is not in focus but I like the coloring and how they glow. 

Indoors under a simulated daylight lamp. Same order

Outdoors in full sun.

Outdoors, from different angles, no sun.



You know I love duochromes but I love metallics too and when these pigments are layered over black, I get to have both. My thought on this collection? Yes, there are a few that are similar to TKB's Moon Dusts and Star Bites (I'll do a comparison next for those who may be curious) but I wouldn't, and didn't, want to choose between them.  -MK


  1. Have to thank-you! Your breakdown of glitters and issues helped me find at least some place to buy them. Just finished one test and you were right about that site/brand! Score!

    1. Ok, out of curiosity, which store and what brand was I right about and what happened?


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