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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NEW Anna's Art Asylum Duochromes 1

Links checked 12/12/13
Warning: Extremely Picture Heavy Entry

I don't think a gal can ever have too many duochromes so it's with pleasure that I get to review for you the ten new ones available at Anna’s Art Asylum, a store on eBay (or evil-bay as I've heard it called). I reviewed the first set back in March, links at the end of the entry, so I knew the quality and color transition would be excellent and I was right- but you'll see for yourself. This entry will cover numbers #50-#54, first dry swatches and then the polish swatches.

Anna’s Art Asylum has these ten colors priced the same as the first set, sold per gram and as an assortment of 5 for $20.00 ($/gram)- you pick your colors. Shipping is free via USPS. The ten are numbered #50-#59, no names and are an even mix of white and orange base colored powders. The picture below shows how the pigments are packaged, each gram in a small bag with the number written on a holographic label.  

#50-#54 in the top row, #55-#59 on the bottom. Photographed in daylight, indoors.

First up for individual dry swatches is #50
#50 goes from a pink tinted purple to purple to blue although this shows most clearly when it's used in polish and layered over black. Particle size on this is comparative to the Star Bites from TKB Trading with a color similar to #35202 from Anna's first set.

Taken under the same lighting, this only shows the barest hint of blue. Photo taken indoors, daylight lamp.

The dry pigment on double-sided sticky tape.

Next is #51
#51 goes from a sharp bright green into a deep purple to a purple tinted pink color although you can see the powder has a golden orange base color- which is obvious in some lighting conditions. Particle size is like TKB Trading's Star Bites but it's most similar in color to #55 which you'll see later.

Out of all the pics I took, this one shows both colors best when in dry form. Photo taken indoors, daylight lamp.

Captured here on double sided sticky tape, #51 looks like an interesting orange to green but it gets better, I promise.

Third in the lineup is #52.
This has a finer particle size, more like TKB Trading's Red Sparks and the color transition follows suit, going from a lighter pink to an orange with a yellow green undertone. The photo on the left was taken indoors under a daylight lamp, the right one is also indoors but natural light.

On the fingertip and under the same lighting, the colors aren't shy about coming out.

The paper swatch further displays the color transition.

Our fourth color is #53 and in the same color family as #52 but they aren't exact matches.
The color shift is a richer pink to an orange with a yellow undertone. The particle size is slightly larger than #52 but still smaller than TKB’s Marinda Star (also in the same color family).

On the fingertip in dry form it appears so… demure and understated.

The paper swatch doesn't differentiate between the two pigments.

The fifth and last color in this entry is #54
#54 has a deceiving appearance in dry form. Although it looks orange toned, the color shift actually goes from a reddish pink to pink purple to a lovely blue. Its particle size is the same as #51.

On the fingertip you only see the orange with lighter blue interference.

The paper swatch seems to confirm the color transition but you're in for a surprise when it's layered over black.

All five bottles, same order: #50, #51, #52, #53 and #54.

The recipe for these is a simple one, just 4 drops of pigment mixed with 1/3 clear and 2/3 Glamour Base. I was originally going to use the suspension base undiluted but I didn't like the consistency of the polish. The bottles are TKB's Elizabeth so these are between 5-6ml.

The nail swatches I did as singles layered over black acrylic nails. Having finally completed swatching the majority of my frankens, I'm able to present them this way as opposed to a messy paint job on my own nails (and avoid endless coats of black polish underneath). They are in the sane order as the bottles, #50, #51, #52, #53 and #54.

This photo is indoors, under a "daylight" lamp.

This photo was taken outdoors in daylight but not direct sunlight.

Alternate View:

These photos are indoors, during daylight hours but under a "daylight" lamp.

And under different lighting, outside in daylight.

These photos are indoors, during daylight hours but under a "daylight" lamp.

And under different lighting, outside in daylight.

These photos are indoors, during daylight hours but under a "daylight" lamp.

And under different lighting, outside in daylight.

These photos are indoors, during daylight hours but under a "daylight" lamp.

And under different lighting, outside in daylight.

This photo was taken indoors, during daylight hours but under a "daylight" lamp.

And under different lighting, outside in daylight.

Now for some group pics. I did warn you there were a lot of pictures and here's some of my favorites.

#50, #51 & #52, indoors.

The same three outdoors in daylight- with #52 partly out of the frame in the first.

Outdoors, full sun.

#51, #52 & #53, indoors

Outdoors and in daylight, no sun.

And in full sun.

#51, #52, #53 & #54 outside...

#53 & 54, indoors

Outdoors in daylight.

And in full sun.

#54 & #55 outside....

....which you'll see more of next time. The next entry however is some time away as it takes me awhile to choose and assemble the photos and then write the appropriate descriptions. School is also done for the year which means most of my time will be spent away from the computer starting Thursday and I don't know how much I can finish before then.

I'm going to come back and add a few more photos when part 2 is done.

After part two is posted, #55-#59, I intend to do a comparison between Anna's 20 duochrome pigments and TKB Trading's Star Bites and Moon Dusts collections. I have the pictures already, just nothing compiled or written. Until we "speak" again, have a great day(s). -MK 

These were sent to me for review.

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  1. #51 reminds me of Misa Embroidered Emerald. Thanks for the great review of the new pigments.

  2. Wow nice! I'd love to see how these looks when you use them in a manicure :) x

  3. #51 and #54!!!
    What a beautiful colour shifting!
    Can you use these as eyeshadows?

  4. Oh my god :D I come here to ask whether you've seen the new Anna's duochromes and here you are with a massive swatchfest. <3 Thanks!


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