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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Musings

I didn't intend for this entry to be "controversial" but since it's struck a chord with a few of you, I've added some comments.

While it seems like I forgot about the blog momentarily and all tasks associated with it- including all those photo-comparison-posts I'm supposed to be working on, I haven't. I've been occupying my free time with my second love, jewelry making (my first love is art which would make the polish thing a close third) and while I'll never be rich from it, it takes up time and materials. I also happen to have one of those Baby Boomer generation parents who thinks computers are evil incarnate despite the fact that he has a $2k + computer system he doesn't know how to use and so my computer time is limited here. But that's not why I'm here.

My birthday is a couple days away, the big 34 and that gets me thinking. I have an almost 18 y/o sister and one who'll be 38 so right now, I feel neither young or old- old enough to view an 18 year old as a baby, young enough that I still dread my 50s- still comfortably middle-of-the-road. And I like middle-of-the-road. Stay with me here, I'm slow to get to it but I have a point. When my mother was in her mid-30s, she was a single mother of a teenage daughter (me) and worked too much to have free time to dabble with arts and crafts. By the time I left the house, she was married again but had another baby to take care of (her baby, not mine lol) and even less free time. All that was in complete contrast to how I grew up since until I was 13, my parents were married, Mom stayed at home with my older sister and I, and had plenty of time to be as artsy as she wanted.

You might as well say I'm married and since my husband makes a decent income, I'm able to be a stay-at-home mother too, but my sons are verging on 13 and 15 and beyond the "Mommy" years. That's half my point- I have two boys, no daughters, neither with an artistic bone in their bodies. The second half is that one day I'll hit the age I'm "too old" to be wearing flashy polish and jewelry, and probably too blind to be screwing around with tiny jumprings and 4mm beads... so where will all my jewelry, polish and art supplies go? Perhaps if I am fortunate- make that exceedingly lucky- one of my boys will marry a chick I actually like and is interested in such things.

It's apparently the "too old" comment of mine that struck a chord. I love getting comments on my entries but I certainly wasn't trying to offend any woman of any age- or chosen style. I'm not saying there is anything wrong or improper with colored hair, bright clothing and flashy adornments if worn after a certain age- this is an individual choice based on personality, is it not? As one of my readers phrased it, "Yes, it is true, as you get older certain clothes, colors, fashions don't suit you anymore" and I agree. I am also one of those people that aim to "fade into the wallpaper", not attracting undue attention with my appearance. Let my work stand out, not my face. For those women that are willing and/or strive to be the opposite, to be the color in our lives and theirs and probably, more importantly, comfortable in their own skin at every age- good for you! Confidence is a beautiful thing. -MK


  1. Sorry but, this is complete B.S.

    "... one day I'll hit the age I'm "too old" to be wearing flashy polish and jewelry..."

    If you love that stuff & it makes you happy you are never too old. My 89 year old grandmother still wears sparklie jewelry, some of which I made for her. I am 42 years old with multicoloured hair & until I am grey enough to do grey dreads, it will stay that way. Screw society's rules about what is age appropriate, such rules are inappropriate. If you truly are an artist you should be far beyond such rules, that's what being an artist is about, challenging society & yourself by what you create. I know in my case how I dress & look is a large part of my art & that's true of anyone who designs clothes, jewelry or cosmetics.

    1. If I dressed like my artwork, I'd be dressing like a hippie but I'm fairly certain my mother pitched her old clothes years ago. You are obviously a spunky gal and look the part which is great if that's how you're comfortable. Believe it or not, I admire women like you.

  2. You can always do a Big Sister type program (do they have those there?) and mentor some girls, or nieces, etc.

    But I agree with the above - don't let it stop you!

    1. Lol, I'm not the type of big sister anyone with any sense would want. I'll leave that to the happy and social good-example kind of women they need.

  3. I am nearly sixty, old and wise(ahem), so listen to me.
    Yes, it is true, as you get older certain clothes, colors, fashions don't suit you anymore. They just look weird. But polish? I have been sporting crazy nails since I was fourteen and I have NO intention of ever giving it up. My son boasts about my collection and brings his girlfriends to look at it! His friends and also my students, all the young people around me, admire my nails.
    To relax, I do my nails. Polish them, stripe them, apply all sorts of nail art. And now that age brings the unavoidable health worries, and the euro crisis slows down work, I have also turned to nail polish jewelry - I need all the relaxation I can get :-)
    I don't have daughters, nor (until now) interested daughters-in-law, but I do have a 5 year old granddaughter who is heavily into girly things. But if she doesn't want the stuff when the time comes, they can put it on ebay and make a cute buck. I couldn't care less!
    So. Don't worry. Enjoy. You have a lifetime of polishing and jump-ringing (ok, I grant you - I hate those!) ahead of you!

  4. I'm 49, but feel and act 16. I'm also lucky that I look way under my age, I look to be in my 30s, so I can get away with wearing bright colorful funky stuff and I will continue to do so. I think it really helps when you don't really care what other people think too. When it comes to my personal style, I don't even really care what my husband or sons think, I'm going to wear what I want. I think as you get older you think like this more and more, by the time you are 50 (or closing in on 50) you may feel the same as I do. Life is too short! You have fun when and where you can find it!


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