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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Items of Interest

Links checked 12/12/13

A few random items of interest for this entry (as opposed to my last editorial rambling) about China Glaze New Bohemian collection polish, jewelry and craft supplies and finally, a stereo recommendation.

News for those of you that saw the China Glaze press release that has been all over the blog world: it had a lot of us lusting after the collection but so far, no swatches that I know of. The collection was due out August 2012, but Ulta already has them listed on their website individually for $9.00

Alternately, you can also find the whole collection sans display on eBay from two different sellers for $29.00 + $6.00 shipping which would make these a "whopping" $5.83 a bottle. Both US sellers have 100% feedback rating, one is based upon 11 ratings and the other 33- my normal inclination is to avoid newer sellers but 100% is 100% (Amazon marketplace ratings have been far less reliable in my experience). However, since atoznailsupply does not accept returns, I would go with buying from The China Glaze Store. Thank goodness for birthday presents or this would go on my wish list, not my purchase list.  

The second portion of this: jewelry and craft supplies. I've seen that many of you shop at A.C.Moore but there doesn't happen to be one of those around me so I am stuck with Michaels or Hobby Lobby- until yesterday! Because yesterday, in my one-mile-radius for shopping, they put in a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. This store probably isn't new to you, nor really to me since I've seen the name since I was a "kid" but I'd never been in one before. Anyone remember the episode of Married with Children where the Bundys moved into the grocery store? Well I want to live in Jo-Ann's, right smack in the middle of the sparkly beads isle... one of them because there were several. And the prices, up to 50% off jewelry supplies (online right now, too) offset the buyers remorse... and that I wasn't paying for it myself, again, thank you to birthdays, husbands and fathers.

Now lastly, music and stereo systems but let me specify- "bookshelf systems", not component stereos with huge free-standing speakers, sub woofers, separate receivers, CD players and amplifiers which is what my Dad has. Having a quality stereo to play my massive library is important, (more so than having a TV if you ask me) but since I spent most of my life being told to, "Turn that s**t down!" and am now an apartment dweller, my chosen stereo has to be small but powerful not to mention that I prefer having two, one for my bedroom and another for the living room.

What I have is this, Sony MHC-EC709iP from Best Buy. This particular system has at total of 360 watts, the iPod docking station for the ultimate in portable music and it's rather diminutive size makes it perfect for any room. But don't let the size fool you, the sound is just as good in my larger living room as it does my smaller bedroom. Priced at $150.00.


  1. There are some quick swatches of the new ChGs already!

    and over black:

  2. I'm so annoyed by this lol I want those china glaze bohemians BADLY and i'm a professional, and my local (hour and a half away) beauty supply always gets collections early and they didn't know anything about these. If they'd get them, when they'd get them. I'm not a big online shopper, but I guess if I want em, to evil bay I go.

    thanks for the heads up! OH and incase you hadn't heard, China Glaze's Spring 2013 Collection is HOLOGRAHIPCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I bought the collection from justchinaglaze and should be receiving them soon. They have excellent customer service and depending on how they arrive I would definitely buy from them again. I plan on doing swatches of them so Ill be sure to send you the link =)

  4. It seems like I always hear about ChG releases way before they show up in stores around here, but Orly is the opposite. I think I like the Orly way better--less stress about finding them. :)

  5. Thanks for the recommendations on where to find the china glaze polishes! I have such a hard time getting my hands on some of these brands (especially the new collections!)

  6. I saw swatches of these and frankly, they were a bit disappointing. The duochrome effect is fairly weak in all but 2 of the colors (unpredictable + rare and radiant) and those two colors already have dupes. The want my bawdy color has no discernable duo chrome that I can tell :( and I was SO exicited about the collection! Also, its limited edition!


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