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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Malware Update

As a refresher, in an entry I posted June 16th, I stated that there was a rash of malware attaching itself to various blogs and because of this, I removed the blog lists containing links to my followers' blogs and to other frankeners' blogs. At that time, there were too many blogs to count that were infected or contained a link to one that was but it has since calmed down.

I am preparing to add the blog roll again. I've gone through my Reading List from the Dashboard side and found those blogs that are still infected. Thus far, the blog titled "KKnails" should be avoided and removed from your own lists as this seems to be the root.

The blogs "Queen of Friggen Crap" and "Swaafie" have also been removed from my list because they contain a link to "immhappy" that is itself infected. If you know these blog owners, please inform them of that link so they may remove it.

The blog "Oje Vitrini" contains a link to "nemolatte" that is infected and has been removed.


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  1. wow, I never thought that a link in the blogroll could cause all this mess, thanks for the info.


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