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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Check Your Old Frankens

I end up going through my collection of frankenpolish, bottle by bottle, to make or update a list and I usually find a few that have gone bad, mostly due to the old zinc plated BBs we used before we knew better. If they corroded at the same rate, it would be an easy thing to pluck them all out but they don't and instead, you pick up a bottle, see the tell tale orange/brown discoloration and know it's probably too late to save it. Along with the nasty coloring comes rust debris and a thickening of the polish, one so strong even if you can "fix it" with thinner, it won't apply quite right- unless you catch it soon enough. Then you might be able to drain the polish into another bottle, leaving out the old BBs and replacing them with stainless steel. The key there is catching it just after the discoloration starts which is why it might be a good idea to check your old frankens from time to time, particularly your favorites. -MK

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  1. Hey, good to know! I usually recycle mixing balls from other polishes, but I notice some are not silver colored, but like iron. So I wonder.


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