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Sunday, October 23, 2016

TKB Trading now selling Mirror Chrome Pigment

Nice news- TKB Trading is now selling silver Mirror Chrome Pigment. A lot of you are into it and even more of you probably own some but I love when one of my favorite (and affordable and reliable) companies starts selling something else different.

Mirror Chrome Pigment
Sample size, 2.5 gram $3.50
1 ounce, $27.50
4 ounces, $98.50

Before anyone asks me, right now, I have no idea how their price/quantity compares to anyone else's (or even exactly who the "anyone else" might be); I don't own any, have never used it so I won't be any help if you need it. I've seen the shiny stuff all over my fav-blogs-to-read and that's the extent of my knowledge. -MK

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