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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Painted Nails and UCC Flakes

I have actually painted my nails twice in about 2 weeks, probably breaking my previous record and though I don't claim to do it well, I took pictures to document it. Here and now, I present to you the first one from around the 8th, two polishes together. The base polish, if you will, is a "Duck Dynasty" brand polish called, "Color Changing Mallard", your basic red-orange-yellow color shifter. That one I snagged from Walmart on clearance. The top coat is made from a UCC flake I bought from Glitter Unique, Copper/Gold/Green.

These first three are the same day I did it, just one coat of the UCC flakes. You can see the "Color Changing Mallard" a little better.

These are day two and another coat of the UCC flakes. I love them.

Look for the color, not the quality. I certainly don't do it often enough to "practice" manicures. -MK 

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