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Friday, May 5, 2017

Didspade Releases 4 New Supershift Flakes

New SuperShift Flakes are now live on and (International customers only)

Use code SSF15 at checkout for 15% off the SuperShift Flakes.
Promotion ends tomorrow @ midnight (M.S.T.)

$46.00 for 5 grams, making it $9.20 per gram. The four colors are:
Space Berry
Grave Digger - an homage to my favorite monster truck of the same name?

The 15% off offer knocks them down $1.38 making them $7.82 per gram- assuming my calculator is correct.

I've looked at these on Didspade's site and based on pictures, they are not Ultra Chrome Chameleon Flakes under a different name and from a different manufactuer. UCCs are colored while the Supershift flakes look transparent or white-ish. Each comes with the following description:

Ultra high grade, intensely vivid color-shifting pearlescent flakes.
Top-of-the-line most dynamic shifts & richest colors available.
SuperShift flakes are made from pearl pigment material.
Varied particle sizes and shapes.
White Particle / Black base suggested

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