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Friday, May 19, 2017

Glitter Unique, Color Shifting Pigment Swatches

It probably looks like all I do lately is buy Glitter Unique products and I do have a lot, but with these color shifting pigments I'm not sure when I bought them. I had 5 from last year, not enough to do a full blog entry on and then I found 4 more in my stash recently- which is still only 9 out of 23 that are available. I've listed all 23 below, with the price for the teaspoon sample and 1/2 oz but they can also be purchased as a full oz. Particle size, when available, is also included.

Blue/Green, 20-500um, sample $8.50 or 1/2 oz., $18.00
Blue/Pink/Gold, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $16.00
Blue/Violet/Red/Orange, 75-175um, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Caribbean- mica based, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Green/Blue/Purple (named as “Duo-Chrome”), 20-125um, sample $7.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Gold/Green, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Gold/Indigo, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Green/Blue/Purple/Pink, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $16.00
Green/Blue/Red, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Kiwi-Rose, mica based, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Mauve/Red/Orange/Yellow, 100-250um, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Nordic Sunset, mica based, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Purple/Blue/Red/Green, sample $5.00 or 1/2 oz., $12.00
Red-Blue/Green/Gold, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $17.00
Red/Gold, sample $5.00 or 1/2 oz., $13.00
Red/Violet/Blue, sample $7.50 or 1/2 oz., $17.00
Red/Blue/Orange, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Red/Orange/Yellow, sample $5.00 or 1/2 oz., $13.00
Red/Purple/Green, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $17.00
Violet/Blue, sample $8.50 or 1/2 oz., $18.00
Violet-Blue/Red/Orange-Yellow, 75-175um, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00
Violet/Gold, 20-500um, sample $8.50 or 1/2 oz., $18.00
Volcanic Fire, mica based, sample $6.00 or 1/2 oz., $15.00

I have and will be showing you: Red/Gold, Red/Orange/Yellow, Green/Blue/Purple, Red/Violet/Blue, Green/Blue/Purple/Pink, Blue/Pink/Gold, Blue/Violet/Red/Orange, Violet-Blue/Red/Orange-Yellow and Violet/Gold.

Here they are in a group but not the best photo. From left to right: Red/Violet/Blue, Green/Blue/Purple, Red/Orange/Yellow, Violet-Blue/Red/Orange-Yellow, Blue/Violet/Red/Orange, Blue/Pink/Gold, Green/Blue/Purple/Pink, Red/Gold and Violet/Gold

First in random order...

Red/Violet/Blue and Green/Blue/Purple

 Green/Blue/Purple again with Red/Orange/Yellow & Violet-Blue/Red/Orange-Yellow

Red/Orange/Yellow & Violet-Blue/Red/Orange-Yellow again with Blue/Violet/Red/Orange

Blue/Violet/Red/Orange again with Blue/Pink/Gold & Green/Blue/Purple/Pink

Red/Gold & Violet/Gold

And now more in order of color (and not the same photos)...

Red/Violet/Blue, Blue/Pink/Gold

Green/Blue/Purple/Pink, Green/Blue/Purple

Violet-Blue/Red/Orange-Yellow, Blue/Violet/Red/Orange

Blue/Violet/Red/Orange again with Red/Orange/Yellow

Red/Gold & Violet/Gold

And finally the individual photos, two for each. Note: the blue reflection on the lower side of the nail in each of the 1st photos is from my shirt, not the color of the pigment itself.










Some of these match up to, or fit in nicely with my chameleon pigments from Spectraflair4u but that's an entry for another day. The "stand-alone" pigment, that is the one that doesn't have a dupe or close cousin from another company is Green/Blue/Purple and that remains my favorite. -MK

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