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Monday, January 23, 2012

Having Blogger Issues?

I’d been having some issues associated with my blog recently but these have not been addressed on Blogger’s Known Issues page. Although I have yet to determine if this is unique to me, I have a solution and wanted to share that with you but before I do, let me tell you what those issues were.

My normal internet browser is Internet Explorer, version 8 for Windows XP and that’s what I was using when the problem starting occurring.

Issue #1: Almost everyone that has a blog (on at least) is using a “gadget” to share their list of favorite blogs that is generally located off to one side. I have two of these, Fellow Frankeners & Other Great Polish Blogs with both displaying the name of the blog and it’s most recent entry. Whenever I would click on one of those links, the blog would appear in the browser window for a couple seconds before going white, didn’t give an error message and wouldn’t refresh. Going to the same link from someone else’s blog or going there directly from a Google search produced the same results. The same thing would happen on my own blog as well but in this instance, hitting the back button would make it load proper.

Issue #2: When I would click on links on my own blog, whether it be an Archive entry link or one of my pages, the page would complete loading then go directly to the bottom of the comments (and no, I do not have a stuck button on my keyboard). The same happened on other blogs when I would view them.

Issue #3: In my Dashboard, replying to comments from the Comments tab became impossible because going to the entry from there somehow prevented me from being able to publish that response, again without an error message. Instead, I had to go the entry from the Archives on my blog.

All of these issues continued to occur after Hubby upgraded me from Windows XP to Windows 7. Using Mozilla Firefox as my internet browser instead of Internet Explorer (version 9 for Win7) didn’t help either.

The solution? Although Hubby couldn’t tell me what the problem was or if it was me, Blogger or the browser, he suggested trying Google’s browser, Chrome which I did and the problems ceased. If you’re experiencing these sorts of issues, give Chrome a try and see if it doesn’t work for you. It was irritating as heck to me so I was grateful for a simple answer. -MK


  1. Thanks so much for this info; I think it will help a lot of people. :D

  2. Yes, this is happening to me too. Every since blogger updated comments with a reply tab. I have an old blogger template so mine doesn't have the reply tab. I had to go into my settings comment section and change comment form placement from embedded below post to pop up window. This way it was the only way I can get into my own comments. Maybe I will try Chrome because some blogs I go to lockup with the white screen. I thought I was the only one with blogger issues. Thanks for this post :)

  3. I was having problems with 2 and 3...couldn't leave comments on my own blog nor a lot of others I follow. Thx for the tips!

  4. Also, what I found is that for some reason I could reply via my iphone but not a computer.

  5. #2 has been driving me crazy for a couple weeks now. I don't mind using Chrome, but the cynic in me makes me wonder whether Google has done it intentionally to push more people into using Chrome just so Blogspot posts load properly.

    1. I'm a cynic myself but Google can't make websites that are not located on Google not function. Part of the reason Chrome works, according to Hubby, is that it does not have the same capabilities as IE or Firefox- scripts that run on those are more or less ignored by Chrome- that's my phrasing- and since they are ignored or not utilized, they can't become a problem. Right or wrong, and I may be, I allow that, I just know it works and the problems were frustrating me for a while.

    2. Google owns Blogger, though, so theoretically they could "break" Blogger to push people to Chrome.

    3. I should've realized that but hadn't. You're right, it's possible but certainly not ethical.


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