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Friday, January 13, 2012

TCP Global Color Shifting Pearls

Prices Accurate 12/11/13, Links checked 12/12/13

Time to show off some pigments from TCP Global, in particular the Color Shifting Pearls.

The containers shown are not what they arrived in; those are my “portables” from SKS Bottle.

Color Shifting Pearls
Color shifting pearls are available in two versions, Color Shifting Pearls and Rev-Illusion Special Effect Pearls, both with 5 colors each and sold individually or in sets. I chose the “originals” and purchased them as a set of 1/2 oz jars for $74.75. This brings the price down compared to the single price but they are still expensive (although not as much as the Rev-Illusions which as a set is $299.25). I don’t feel they are worth that because they are disappointingly exact dupes for TKB Trading’s Travel To pigments which I already own and are more affordable. Judging by TCP Global’s pictures, I knew they would be similar but I didn’t expect dupes.

All the pearls (including the Traditional Pearls) are together in this photo, taken under lamp light.

1. SP113 Blue Green
2. SP117 Red Green
3. SP118 Green Blue Violet
4. CSP85 Blue Gold
5. CSP83 Blue Red
6. CSP82 Green Purple
7. FP112 Orange Red
8. CSP81 Red Gold
9. CSP84 Green Orange
10. SP120 Red Violet
Here is the set of 5 color shifting pearls alone and below are the same pearls next to their Planetary sisters.

Earth & Green Orange – Jupiter & Blue Gold at top
Mercury & Red Gold in the middle
Pluto & Blue Red – Venus & Green Purple on the bottom

Here they’ve been swatched dry over Black Mica for contrast, photographed under lamp light.

Mercury & Red Gold, Venus & Green Purple, Pluto & Blue Red, Earth & Green Orange, Jupiter & Blue Gold

For what these would look like as a black based polish, I refer you to my entry about the Planetary Sampler. After I used three of these in clear polish, I realized they were dupes and saw no point in creating the others. -MK


  1. Well that's disappointing, I was hoping they had a proper red/orange to green shift pigment that was inexpensive. Thanks for this post, that settles that.

    1. Travel to Mercury is the closest available. Or the Konfusion brand Copper Red to Green pigment that Kitties 26 used (and sold). That's pricey too but I wish I had bought them now instead of TCP's Color Shifting Pearls. Eh, maybe for my birthday in July.

    2. I think I'll probably end up buying Konfusion since it's less expensive than SpectraFX, & it seems like it's close to Chromaflair Red/Gold which is what I actually want.
      I don't know why a supplier somewhere can't just sell the dry Chromaflair pigments and glitters in smaller amounts. One of the companies out there needs to get on top of that along with the dry flakes.
      (Also if you look at the Zoya line with flakes it has Mylar Glazes on the front, Zoya's flakes appear to be polyester.)

    3. Travel to Earth (after I took a second swatch mixed with only clear polish) is a green to orange color shift.

      I'm with you on the ChromaFlair thing but that's the way it works apparently. It forces us to go retail if possible and businesses to buy bulk.

      Let's muddy up the waters some more. I don't own ANY flake polish at this point except Essie's Shine of the Times which comes without an ingredients list. Essie's flakes have a very low profile, meaning you can't really feel their surface texture- is it mylar or mica? Klean Color's Chunky Holo(s) are polyester glitters that color shift the same way as the flakes... but I defy anyone to find the dry form for sale. You can't buy it if you don't know what it is although maybe that's the point.

  2. Wow those ARE total dupes! Lame.

    I do have a random question, though...I was going to e-mail you but I didn't see it listed anywhere! Do you have any idea where I can buy replacement polish brushes? I have started frankening and don't like the brushes that came with my bottles and wanted to know if you've found any elsewhere?



    1. You can buy replacement bottle brushes??? Now I'm interested in this question as well!

    2. Offhand I don't know but I would assume so, although they are not all interchangeable. I end up with extras every time I order bottles. I'll check into it on Tuesday.

    3. After doing some searching and going through my pricelists, the answer appears to be "no".

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, they turned out better than the original Travel to dry swatches.

  4. Bummer!!! Thanks for looking into it for me!

    1. For future reference, my email can be found on the entry for my Questions/Comments tag. And I'll keep looking, no worries.

  5. I will say that the color shifting flakes look much different when placed over black. I thought I had photos, but I guess not! I will try to take some this weekend.

    I really want to know what the Special Effects pearls look like, but I don't have $300 to spend on them, LOL. I didn't think the Color shifting pearls would be exactly the same either! I have been eyeing this stuff all for a while. Since I already have the planetary sampler AND the Xirona travel to pigments, I definitely don't need another set of those colors!

    1. I have some pics with the color shifting flakes over black but the post isn't ready yet. And you're right, they look a lot more impressive.

      Yeah, I'd like the Rev-Illusions too but the price is steep. Times like these, group orders sound tempting.

      BTW, ultimately, your pics are why I chose TCP Global so thanks to you for the time involved in swatching, photographing and posting them.

  6. I put up some pics of them over black. Hopefully this link will work for you. I had them swatched, just never photographed apparently! Only thing Is i should've used two coats of black, as just one was really too sheer.

    If we could get enough people in on an order, I'd be willing to go in on the Rev-Illusions, LOL.


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