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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sales & Announcements

Prices updated 12/11/13, Links checked 12/12/13. I updated most of the various price lists around here recently which always brings new things to my attention, and I have some other info worth passing along.

Polish Sales
On the nail polish sales front, Nail is having a sale on Barielle nail polish, normally $8.00 a bottle now marked down to $3.00. I don't own any Barielle and so I know nothing about the available shades but the price is good.

Coastal Scents has their nail polish marked down as well, from $3.95 to $2.95 and mineral makeup at 40% off.

Cherry Culture has many nail polish brands on sale including L.A. Colors, & L.A. Girl, which of course aren't expensive brands but savings can add up.

Ulta has their Salon Formula Nail Lacquer priced at $6.00 each but if you buy two, you get TWO free which makes them $3.00 each.

Sally Beauty has Nina Ultra Pro Nail Lacquer marked down from $3.99.29 to $3.79.

Other News
While updating the pigment dupe list, I noticed an increase in prices across the board. The list is primarily Coastal Scents, The Conservatorie and TKB Trading pigments and hadn't been updated in over a year so it's possible that the increase was more gradual than it seems. The biggest increase cent-wise was from Coastal Scents with The Conservatorie (average $.50 higher) coming in second and TKB Trading last, who raised prices on only a few pigments.

It must be a trend because prices were a bit higher on nail polish & some frankening supplies like Nailite's empty bottles that are up $.05.

New Products
I check TKB Trading's website fairly often and this time found that they have new solvent resistant glitters in stock, five colors suitable for nail polish. Headtrip, Pink Points and Focus Blue are .008", Luminosity is a .002" silver holo- .002" is the smallest size available anywhere. The last, Adam & Eve doesn't have a size listed. Their descriptions below.

Headtrip: Bluegreen shimmer like a classic 1960's jacquard dinner dress. A peacock blue. Hex size is .008.
Pink Points: Decidedly pink but not in a flashy kind of way. Every so slightly subdued with mauvy blue. Hex size is .008.
Focus Blue: A true blue glitter. Hex size is .008.
Adam & Eve: Midtoned purple (lavender?) with sparks of blue and pink. An iridescent mish-mashup of midrange tones.
Luminosity: Holographic glitter at its most microfine, .002 hex size. So fine it is almost like a dust of holographic silver.

They are available in 2.5g samples for $1.50 individually, a sample set for $5.25, 1 oz (bagged) individually for $2.95 or a set for $12.00.

Remember the flakes from my entry Duochrome Flakes? The ones I mentioned were solvent resistant, apparently made for nail polish and had some color shifting ability but weren't available over here in the U.S. or any other retail store. My efforts to entice some company to add these to their inventory have netted mixed results and they continue to be unavailable- until now. Two stores/sellers have contacted me and told me they have some in stock, both can be found on my Glitter Supplier page. Note: I've tested them and these are entirely solvent resistant, will hold their color without bleeding and do color shift but they are not the flakes used in commonly known flakie polishes. 

The first store is Frankenpolish Shop (.com). The owner, a fellow frankener, contacted me in December prior to opening the store online and told me she planned to sell supplies for the franken polish community, namely the flakes. She's still working on stocking the store but Golden Flakes & Multi Colored flakes are up for sale for $3.00 (still waiting for more info on size) and it looks like coarse grade SpectraFlair will also be available soon. The store is located in Sweden and the shipping rates seem reasonable. 

The second store is You Mix Cosmetics. Dustin from the store left me a message on Duochrome Flakes telling me (and the rest of us) that they'd just placed a big order of the flakes and they'll be available in store within the week. You Mix Cosmetics also sells full size magnetic nail polish, the magnets, color shifting pigments, glitter for nail polish and stamping plates. All prices are pretty reasonable including the shipping and the store is located in Idaho, USA. The store is owned by a husband and wife team that I think is pretty neat- my husband supplies my frankening habit but he isn't interested in what I do with it.

Hit the Duochrome Flakes tag for related entries.

That's all the news for now. -MK


  1. FYI Next week Ulta is doing buy 2 get 2 free, and the photo includes their np :D

    1. Thank you, will definitely keep that in mind.

  2. Very useful info :)
    The duochrome flakes were a disappointment to me, I was really hoping that these would look like the ones on nail polish...

    1. Me too but since there is nothing else on the market momentarily, they are a substitute to play with.

  3. Thank you for the updated info! I'm excited for the YouMix flakies.

    Also, as of today/yesterday, TKB Trading also added flakes/flakies. They have a few different colors and I placed an order today for all of the sample sizes. It's under their "new" page.

    Great news for frankening!

    1. You beat me to it, I saw that but thanks for telling us. I have a post I'm working on now that shows them as a top coat.

    2. That's great. I ordered them as soon as I saw them, I couldn't help myself.

      I also ordered from BeautyTechShoppe recently and I have to say, they are not my favorite. I ordered some black hex and from my quick look it's very little glitter and even looks like there are some random shreds in there that are not hex shaped. I'll have to do a review of the 3 things I bought from them and I'll link you to it.

  4. i ordered from youxmix cosmetics a few days ago, and no news on my shipment..i tried emailing them and they are MIA, no answer so far!:(

    im starting to freak out!

    1. Don't freak out, along with good feedback, they are a husband-and-wife team according to their bio and two people can only do so much. Not making excuses here, just trying to be fair. A few days ago would've been the start of the weekend and I believe they also had new inventory they were working on stocking. I'd give them tomorrow to respond before shooting them another email. It's also entirely possible your package was already shipping and will just show up.

  5. Nailite's shipping costs also went up. I used to order 100 bottles at a time from them but now the shipping (plus a $3 residential fee) has me spending $15 just on shipping. I am mortified by this!

  6. Wow! Thanks for all the info on sales!! ^.^


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