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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bling MetalFlake: Store Review

Links checked, prices updated 12/12/13

It must’ve been an oversight that I reviewed the flakes I bought from Bling Metalflake in September ’11 but not the store itself so I’m here to fix that.

Bling Metalflake was the first automotive-related store I purchased from although that decision was greatly influenced by how sparkly the pictures looked in the eBay store. I was aware that it was basically glitter but there were quite a few holographics and sizes larger than .004” which was all I owned at the time. I also believed, erroneously, that because it was automotive grade polyester, it probably wouldn’t bleed when submerged in polish. The eBay store is under the name of AirGraffix but sets are only in the online store Bling Metalflake. Prices are reasonable, PayPal is accepted and as a bonus, they ship via USPS which helps keep my expenses down.

After doing the math, I decided to order 2 sets of 6 2 ounce jars for $49.99 but the ordering process was made slightly more difficult by the fact that the site doesn’t display correctly- text and images overlap. The way you are supposed to order is to enter the number of the color in the appropriate box and click the PayPal Add to Cart button for each, or, for a set, a series of numbers in a different box. I got around this by copying the entire page to a MS Office document which forced it into a sensible order, shown below (and that isn’t my spelling).

1. Black Magic .004
2. Black Magic .008
3. Black Magic .015
4. Black Prism .008
5. Gun Metal .015
6. Gun Metal .004
7. Blue Gun Metal .004
8. White Pearl .008
9. Purple Blaze .008
10. Purple Blaze .004
11. Purple Prism .008
12. Maroon .008
13. Burgundy .008
14. Red .008
15. Pink Rose .008
16. Pink Shifting Prism .008
17. Midnite Navy Blue .008
18. Teal Blue .004
19. Blue Blaze .015
20. Blue Blaze .008
21.Blue Blaze .004
22. Western Blue .004
23. Electric Blue .008
24. Electric Blue .004
25. Midnite Green .008
26. Emerald Green .008
27. Emerald Green .004                    
28. Lime Green .004
29. Chartreuse .008
30. Orange .008
31. Orange Pearl .008
32. Orange/Line Shifting .008
33. Rootbeer .008
34. Penny Copper .015
35. Gold Copper .008
36. Brilliant Gold .008
37. Yellow Gold .008
38. Yellow Gold .004
39. Gold Jewels .008
40. Blue/Purple Shiffting .008
41. Holographic Blue .008
42. Ice Blue .004
43. Silver Jewels .008
44. Chrome/ Silver .008
45. Holographic Silver .008
46. Chrome/ Silver .004
47. Fuschia .008
48. Fuschia .004
49. White Pearl .004
50. Sticky Lime Green .008
51. Bronze Brown .008
52. Holographic Red .008
53. Holographic Fuscia .008
54. Diamond Ice Prism .008
55. Holographic Green .008

Having decided on the two sets, I selected all the available holographics and three color shifting flakes (based on name and appearance) which you can view in my other entries regarding the company. I spent $109.00 so shipping was free.

Almost all the flakes bled but the ones I had real issues with were #16 Pink Shifting Prism, #32 Orange/Lime Shifting, #40 Blue/Purple Shifting, #54 Diamond Ice Prism which became flecks within minutes. When I emailed the company to complain (politely because you don’t bitch when you want something out of someone), I was told that it has known bleeding issues and my money would be refunded. It took some emailing back and forth but eventually the owner agreed to exchange all four, was willing to help me if I had questions since he was a custom painter and in the end, I felt that I had been dealt with fairly. When I received my exchange order, he had even thrown in an extra full size holo that is not for sale.

Tickled to death and working on pictures for my second Bling Metalflake entry I realized the order was only semi-correct- he had sent the proper replacement colors but the hex sizes were wrong… I let it go, it wasn’t worth my trouble to point out the error.

A month later, I would email the owner again because he was a custom painter and I thought he might have some insight into the matter of the Nfu Oh-like flakes but he didn’t respond. I let that one go, too.  

Would I buy from Bling Metalflake again? Probably not. I like the other colors, but I can find non bleeders elsewhere along with better customer service. -MK

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  1. Aw this is a shame that it didn't work out. :( It is so hard finding non-bleeding glitter!!

  2. Thanks for the review. I also wanted to know if you know of anywhere that sells white hexagon glitter? (Not iridescent, just white.) It seems very difficult to find.

    1. Kit Kraft has some in a few sizes but I don't know if they are solvent resistant.

    2. Thank you! I found some on Beauty Tech Shop also and I ordered those. Hopefully they will be what I'm looking for.


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