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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Franken #583- As a Topcoat

I don't usually paint my nails- most of the polishes in my collection have never been used in fact- so when I do, its an impulsive decision and not neatly done. Even my best efforts yield sub standard results and while it doesn't bother me too much, I rarely post manicures because well, who wants to see bad cuticles, messy clean up and nicks/dings? Having said that, consider yourself warned.

Today's manicure, if you want to call it that, is a two day effort- the pink "undercoat" yesterday, the topper today to help disguise the dings from yesterday- which I promptly nicked on something else. Sigh. Both polishes are my own creations, the base color an unnamed pink, Franken #590, with a slight pink to orange duochrome I couldn't coax out in the pictures. The polish I used as a top coat is Franken #583, also a duochrome, this time a purple/blue. Both are listed in my franken book if you're curious about the recipe for either one.

For the pictures, I used a couple different camera settings, took pictures in natural light, regular lamp light, under my Ottlite and even in different rooms for color accuracy.

First, the unlabeled pink in natural daylight

This photo, also in natural daylight but right in front of the window, shows the bit of orange duochrome.

Under the Ottlite

Ottlite, different camera setting

This photo is of #583 itself on a half white/half black nail stick created for my franken book. I believe it was also taken under the Ottlite. 

And now with today's addition, #583. Natural light, in front of the window.

Under the Ottlite

Under the Ottlite still, different camera setting

And one final picture because I like the color shown. This was taken in the bathroom of all places with the lighting being a single spiral CFL bulb.



  1. I think your nails look good! Nice bright color to counteract the cold :-)

    1. Thank you. They certainly were bright inside and outdoors, almost shockingly so.

  2. Great color and shimmer!!! and you should see my nails ;) i wish i could paint them as neat as you do :D

    1. Thank you very much for saying so. They say "practice makes perfect" but let me tell you, in my case that simply isn't true- I do the same kind of job I did 20 years ago, just needs a little less clean up.


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