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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Glitter Unique Swatches

On the 25th, I wrote my store review of Glitter Unique and showed you the pigments and glitters that were in the sampler Nikki sent me but those were photos of the bags and swatches on paper, no nail swatches. Today I do have some of those for you although in my typical fashion, it's not on my nails but my nail sticks instead. But bottles first.

Since I'm running low on mini bottles momentarily, I selected the pigments and glitters that appealed to me the most and mixed them up with Glamour base, nothing more. The amount of pigment or glitter I added depending on how sheer and thick the polish ended up being (for most I used the dash spoon from TKB Trading's set of spoons). All those recipes are in my Franken Book.

The pic, taken under the Ottlite, is a little fuzzy but I've got better ones planned for later. In the top row are the Midnight Sparkle flakes, Black Opal (a mix of iridescent glitter and black), Turquoise Holographic Shreds, Shifting Rainbow Short Slices and the Magenta-Violet Pearlescent pigment. In the bottom row are the Hot Pink flakes, Gold flakes, Tango Red Flakes, Tiny Rainbow Pearl flakes and Green-Gold flakes.

 Black Opal, Shifting Rainbow Short Slices, Turquoise Holographic Shreds.

Magenta-Violet Pearlescent, Hot Pink flakes, Tango Red flakes

Gold flakes, Tiny Rainbow Pearl flakes, Green-Gold flakes

Midnight Sparkle flakes. This one proved the hardest to photograph.

Now for some group photos of the nail sticks. 

Here we have Midnight Sparkle flakes shown over black and white, Magenta-Violet Pearlescent over black, Rainbow Shifting Short Slices over black, Black Opal over black, Green Gold Flakes over black.

Tango Red flakes over black, Gold flakes over black, Tiny Rainbow Pearl flakes over black and white, Hot Pink flakes over black (yes it does indeed look blue), Turquoise Holographic Shreds over black and white.

And some of those colors shown on a white nail. Black Opal, Shifting Rainbow Short Slices, Magenta-Violet Pearlescent, Green Gold flakes, Hot Pink flakes.

Here, a different angle, slightly different lighting.
Midnight Sparkle & Tiny Rainbow Pearl flakes at the top, Tango Red flakes & Turquoise Holo Shreds in the middle, Gold flakes and franken #614 Pumpkin Spice, not relevant to this post but happens to be in the photo, on the bottom.

A super enlarged picture of the detail in the Gold flakes. Out of the Effects flakes that I have, the Gold has the largest flakes. Under the right lighting, they really are golden- just look at the bottle.

Tango Red flakes. I did a few more coats for the Tango Red than I did the Gold purposely but you can still see that the flakes are smaller although that does not detract from their beauty.

Green-Gold flakes over white. Extremely shiny, bright golden green highlights. Similar in flake size to the Tango Red flakes.

This is the Hot Pink flakes nail. I think its the most striking over black so that's the photo I chose. Again, similar in flake size to Tango Red. This is also slightly duochrome. 

Midnight Sparkle flakes. I didn't capture the colors or the sparkle, none of the photos did but you can see the flake detail.

Tiny Rainbow Pearl flakes. I did manage to catch the colors of this one although you can see over white they are virtually invisible. I wish the flakes were a bit bigger, they are so pretty.

Magenta-Violet Pearlescent. Like the Hot Pink flakes, Magenta-Violet Pearlescent is a pink pigment with a strong, slightly duochrome blue interference. 

Rainbow Shifting Short Slices. Although this glitter shows off it's color far better over dark colors, my white-colored nail pictures turned out better and with this, you can see they are translucent and colored a lot like easter grass. What doesn't show in this picture is how shiny or vibrant they are and the fact that they do color shift.

Black Opal. Like the Rainbow Slices, this has color shifting flecks in it that show best over black (also visible in the bottle pic) but you can't see all the shapes and sizes of the black glitter.

And my final glitter, Turquoise Holo Shreds, also one of my favorites. In my opinion is looks just as good over white as it does black.

These were a welcome addition to my collection of glitters and pigments, let me tell you. I own a lot but nothing quite like these. And those flakes? I will have to go to Glitter Unique and buy the others, I am sure they will not disappoint. -MK


  1. Hi MK.
    Any thoughts about glitter sticking to the sides of polish bottles? I usually put
    Lacquer base in the bottle first, then the glitter and give it a shake only to see LOTS of glitter stuck on the glass sides. Absolutely driving me crazy!

    1. My advice would have been to do exactly what you've done which is add the base first. I have noticed glitter sometimes does that but assumed that was normal even if it was irritating.

    2. Thanks MK! I recently bought some lovely polishes from Emily De Molly and noticed that it was the same ��


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