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Monday, January 13, 2014

Some Sinful Colors from the Holiday Collection

I talked my husband into taking me to Walgreens during the holidays to hopefully pick up some more polish copies and whatever polishes were available from the new Sinful Colors Holiday Collections. As far as what they might call the core line, my Walgreens is always disappointing and was not much better on the holiday selection. 

There were none of the Sinful Colors holiday colors in the cosmetics section which would have been logical. I found one lonely display in an isle not far away along with the other brands' holiday collection, waaaaay up on the top shelf. Yes, the extra a's in way were necessary because I am 6 foot tall and I could barely reach them even standing on my tippy toes and reaching with my arms, I still had to pick up bottles in the back of the display blindly to see what they were and certainly could not put them back in their proper spaces. 

Having given up, I walked to the front of the store to check out and found a second holiday display, nowhere near elaborate or complete and nowhere near the cosmetics either. Had I not chosen to walk in that direction, I would have missed it entirely. I found most of what I wanted although not two of each.

In the top row: Gold Tinsel, Gilded, Pride, a color I'm not sure of the name because it was mistakenly labelled Silver Rainbows, Tinsel Town and Gold Metal.
In the second row: Pine Away, Blue by You, Purple Heart, the real Silver Rainbows, Top Me Off and Tinsel & Shine.

No swatches of these from me but there are plenty available around the blog world. -MK 

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