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Friday, January 17, 2014

You Mix Cosmetics: Store Review

Like with Glitter Unique (that review is coming soon), I placed an order with You Mix Cosmetics back in May 2012 but neglected to write the store review I'd intended to and I am trying to correct that now.

You Mix Cosmetics is another store that is owned and operated by a fellow frankener and her husband. They have worked hard to provide a good selection of solvent resistant glitters in larger sizes, shapes and finishes geared specifically towards nail polish. At this time the website is still down (should be reopening at the end of February) so I'm unable to give you details about their current inventory but I can tell you about my experience with You Mix Cosmetics.

I placed only the one order with them but I was happy with everything I bought in terms of price, quantity and quality. Bleeding glitters are such a waste of money and it was nice to know I didn't have to worry about that this time. I'd also been able to find glitters I'd wanted that I hadn't been able to buy anywhere else.  From the date I ordered on May 10th to the shipping, it was a week and then three more days to arrive in the mail but part of that time was a weekend so all in all, it wasn't a long wait.

The only problem with my order occurred when I hadn't gotten an order confirmation, shipping notification or payment confirmation outside the automatic Paypal receipt that is sent when payment is made and I found that a little curious but decided to give it time. I waited a day or so before sending an email asking for confirmation but didn't receive a response to that one nor to the second email I sent and it wasn't until the third email that I did. What I didn't know was that they had responded but for whatever reason, it never appeared in my inbox or even my spam folder. By that time 8 days had passed without a response so I opened a Paypal dispute and requested a refund. I got a response an hour later and that's when I learned that they had answered my email and by that point already shipped my order (when it arrived the next day, I closed the dispute with no issues).

The folks at You Mix Cosmetics were very apologetic and so interested in making me happy and "establishing good grounds" that they offered and sent a sampler of products to test and get my opinion on. That was not something I'd asked for or expected but was a very nice thing for them to do and shows well that they genuinely care about customer satisfaction.

The samples they sent of their glitters were enough for me to do testing and still have plenty left for making multiple bottles of polish. They had also given me samples of three pigments, two of which were duochromes, again enough of each one to make several bottles.

You Mix Cosmetics is definitely a store I will buy from again in the future when I am in need of glitters. Pricing, shipping, customer service, all A+.  -MK


  1. So glad you are back to blogging. I've been stalking your blog since I found out about frankening. I only ordered my franken supplies few days ago and can't wait to get them! I will definitely try You Mix when they are back into business.

    1. I am glad the blog has been helpful and (hopefully) a little entertaining. You should definitely check them out and Glitter Unique as well. Both stores have great products and reasonable prices. Thanks for reading my blog!

  2. I've ordered repeatedly from You Mix and am so sad they're on vacation because I really need to buy more of some of their glitters I can't find elsewhere! I tried to stock up before they went on hiatus but underestimated my needs. I am happy, though, about the husband's hopeful new job, their new baby, and their move (the reason they're on hiatus in the first place). The only issue I ever had was them sending me the wrong glitter mix and when I told them about it, they immediately told me to keep the mistake and they'd send the right one (I told them to just send it with my next order so they wouldn't have to pay for the extra postage). Glitter Unique is my also main glitter supplier and they are SUPER nice and awesome as well. I've asked about stuff they were out of and they've gone out of their way to help me.

  3. Do you know if You Mix Cosmetics has a new site? the one linked in this post doesnt exist anymore.

    1. Old question but I'm answering anyway. I haven't gotten to removing all the dead links around here but as far as I know, You Mix Cosmetics is closed permanently. I would refer you to Glitter Unique or Spectraflair4u instead.


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