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Friday, April 15, 2016

Duochrome Comparison II-Coming Soon

very long time ago, 6/17/12 to be exact (where the hell did 4 years go?), I posted an entry titled Duochrome Comparisons Part 1 but never followed it up with any other parts. The intent of those entries were to visually compare for you the duochrome/chameleon/color shifting pigments I owned at the time which included those from the now closed "Anna's Art Asylum", TKB Trading's Moon Dusts, Star Bites and the solitary Red Sparks (the only Sparks with a discernible color shift). I did so much photography taking/reviewing/editing/sorting that I was sick of the entire project- for 4 years apparently- so none of the "regular" chameleons I bought from Solar Color Dust are shown here.

Even though Anna's is now defunct and thus her pigments are unavailable, I'm going to continue with the comparisons here. My hope is after completing my current list, I might find other pigments identical to Anna's (to buy more than a gram) and since we have no idea of the particle size of her pigments, visual comparison is a must.

I've taken photos three different times, outside in sunlight, outside in daylight and the third I'm not sure, possibly a combination of indoors/outdoors. At any rate, I've tried to show accurate colors and the color shift to help you decide which ones you "gotta have", which ones you can live without and which ones look like those polishes or pigments you already own. To save me the trouble of labeling every single picture in the entry, they've been labeled in the pictures themselves.

Each entry will be loaded with photos so I'm going to break it down into parts over the course of several days; the amount may seem excessive but I've actually pared it down a lot.

* Anna's pigments are: #362801, #462805, #22808, #481804, #412604, #412605, #35202, #821502, #35204, #821502, #50, #51, #52, #53, #55, #56, #57, #58, #59
* The Moon Dusts from TKB are: Aisha Gold, Crescent Crimson, Luna Blue, Indu Rose, Lavender Luz
* The Star Bites from TKB are: Marinda Star, Shanika Sun, Cherika Moon
* Red Sparks! is from TKB Trading's Sparks! Collection

Please check back soon for the first post in the series.  -MK

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