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Monday, April 18, 2016

Site Updates

I'm aware that there are a ton of dead links around here, not to mention price lists that aren't current, stores and content that no longer exist so I'm going to start working on that- pulling the dead links specifically, first on the pages, then I'll hit the entries. When a page or entry is complete, I'll date it.

Everything should load and function just fine during this time. -MK


  1. Wow! I have recently re-discovered the joys of nail polish and found nail stamping and so much wonderful inspiration online. I knew nail polish could be made and just found your blog while investigating how to make iridescent (duochrome) polishes. There is a little more to it than just adding 2 different colours to some clear nail varnish! Which is nice to know before i made a muddy mess :)
    I was speculating that one might add an interference mica to another colour, but having read some of your posts I suspect this may not work either.
    The colours are just so Spectacular! Thank you for writing about this, it is Very Interesting.

    1. Stamping, yet another polish related hobby I'm not good at and have no patience for. What gets me are all the different techniques for it there are now- some women are extremely inventive!

      Duochromes are a passion of mine as they are for many and yes, unfortunately it is more than just mixing two colors together, like an interference mica with a regular mica. Don't get me wrong, you can make some really beautiful, dimensional colors using interference colors but they won't be a duochrome like Chromaflair or many retail polishes (like the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms of old). For that you need the actual color shifting pigments which, if I understand all the articles I've read, are created (the word "engineered" comes to mind) specifically to shift through the colors they do.


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